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Eric Milton and Odalis Perez

If Milton wants 3 years/24 million and we offered 3 years/21 million and Odalis Perez wants 3 years/18-21 million, why don’t we just take a crack at Perez? Or, heck, sign both?

As we add lefties, we must not forget STEVE KLINE…

Copying what I posted at Alex’s blog:

Yeah, I know, but I wouldn’t forget Kline because I got Goo. That’s like forgetting Soriano because we got Womack. I don’t know what we’re getting in Goo. Stanton and Kline are proven commodities and if Goo plays well, so be it. Plus, with injuries, who knows? If we have all 3, Kline is the top guy, he’s definitely in. Then we go with one other. Or depending on injuries, all 3.

Plus… Goo is 35, Stanton is 37, Q is 36, Flash is 37, Mo is 35 (heaven forbid anything happens to him), Karsay has played 7 games in the last 2 seasons (he’s 33)… if Kline signed, not only would he be the top lefty, but Rodriguez and him would be the youngest of the bunch at 32. I’d sign him. Now, if I could.

Yankees Moves So Far

The Yankees have brought in 5 guys so far. Let’s take a look at the 5.

Traded Kenny Lofton and cash to the Phillies for Felix Rodriguez

Kenny’s not a bad player, he’s valuable in some ways and he had his moments, but he just didn’t fit in and I didn’t care for some of the things he said and did. So, all in all, I think we’re lucky to get rid of him for someone like Felix Rodriguez, who is a 32 year old right handed reliever that has had a solid 9 year career in the majors. He’s got a career record of 37-25 with a 3.41 ERA. He has pitched in at least 43 games for 7 straight years. In that span, he has had an ERA below 4 all but 2 times, including 2 times below 3. This is a small, but helpful deal.

Traded Felix Heredia to the Mets for Mike Stanton and cash

Wow, the Yankees getting cash in a deal! How about that!

This is another small, but helpful deal. Heredia has a career 4.44 ERA. His ERA last year was 6.28. Stanton, however, is 8 years older (37). He’s not the greatest, but he has had a good career. Better yet, he won 3 titles with the Yankees (1998, 1999 and 2000) before going across town in 2003. Although his career regular season ERA is 3.76, he has pitched remarkably well in the postseason – going 10-8 with a 1.97 ERA over 59.3 innings in 53 games. Those are the numbers the Yankees are getting him for and those are numbers that Yankee fans remember and respect. Now, if we can get Steve Kline, we’ll be in really good shape for lefties! :)

Resigned John Flaherty

I like this signing. I like Flaherty, I liked watching him in 2004. Not very good with the bat, but still a pretty solid backup catcher. I also like the fact that he broke up Pedro’s no hitter.

Signed Tony Womack

I have always kind of liked Womack, so I don’t mind this signing. However, I hope that it doesn’t signal the end of the search for a second baseman. Hopefully Womack is a last resort type of thing, as he’d be very useful off of the bench and filling in.

Signed Jaret Wright

This one I am a little iffy on. Before last year, the lowest ERA he had in a season was 4.38. Besides that one, he had 4.70, 4.72, 6.06, 7.35 and 15.71. Not pretty. Last year, he had a great year, going 15-8 with a 3.28. The question is: what does that signal?

If it is a fluke year that means nothing – we’re in trouble. If it is the turning point of his career and he is now a good starting pitcher – we’re good.

Thank You, Jeter

On Pedro, Jeter sticks Sox in it:

… Derek Jeter, the Yankees’ captain, sounded downright frosty yesterday when asked about the possibility of Martinez donning pinstripes. Speaking on a conference call, Jeter said he “had no idea” whether Martinez-as-a-Yankee could work.

“I don’t want to comment about what would work in the clubhouse. It’s not a situation I’ve spent time thinking about,” he said. “All this stuff is speculation. Pedro Martinez is not on this team. Until he’s on this team, you can speculate all you want.”

But Jeter did not slam the door on Martinez, saying, “You always have players with bad reputations that you hear about and then he comes here and it works.

“The bottom line is that you have a job to do. If someone is on your team, you have to find a way to work together. It doesn’t mean that everyone you’ve played with in the past you’ve liked, as long as you have a common goal, that’s fine.”

… Jeter said he wasn’t surprised to bump into Martinez at Legends Field a few weeks ago. “Nothing shocks me,” he said. Jeter had gone to the Yanks’ spring training home to make a friendly bet with Steinbrenner on the Ohio State-Michigan football game and saw Martinez as he was leaving.

“I said hello, I didn’t talk to him,” Jeter said.

Jeter repeated several times during the course of yesterday’s call that he enjoyed competing against Martinez and “when you think Yankees-Red Sox, he’s the first pitcher who comes to mind.

“He represents Boston.”

Very nice. I mean, you can’t expect Jeter to go crazy. He’s the captain… he’s classy and tactful. But, you can tell there is something there. Let’s leave Pedro alone. Please.

Alex Rodriguez dined with Pedro Martinez and waxed about everything Yankee, encouraging Martinez to join Daddy in New York.

I didn’t know he did that. YUCK.

Via Alex.

Steve Svekis: The Edge

Funny stuff for suffering Dolphins fans.


NBA Suspensions Justfied

NBA Commissioner David Stern’s suspensions in response to recent activities were justfied. Good call by the commissioner.

Mark Cuban says it well:


Thats all that can be said about the way Commissioner Stern handled the situation in Detroit. He punished those who crossed the line. More importantly, he sent the message to every player, that if you go into the stands and fight a fan, you will be punished beyond anything that could be expected. For those that think there is a trend in the NBA, or professional sports in general towards fan-player violence, as one idiot in the media suggested to me. You are wrong. You are safer going to a Mavs game than you are shopping in your local grocery store or gas station. There are about 2500 NBA games per year. Over the past 25k or so games, this has happened once. That is not a trend. It wont happen again. Lets get on with the season and put this behind us.

Ron Artest, Fans Throwing Beverages, etc.

Here are my thoughts on the fight in Detroit last night from the discussion at

I watched the instant replay several times (who hasn’t? :)) and I believe that Ron Artest was out of line, as it seems he usually is (even to a non NBA follower like myself).

The fan who threw the original beer was wrong. That is unnacceptable behavior at the office, at a restaurant, in the home and at a basketball game. He’s completely wrong. Did you see his face when Artest started running at him? “I am going to die.” :)

However, I agree with Joe Dumars (the small quote that I heard). I was surprised when watching ESPN and all 4 guys disgraeed with him. They are professionals, this is their business and their job. They, and by they I mean Artest, have to have the professionalism to see it for what it is and walk away. You simply do not go into the stands in that situation ever.

Also, I would hope that he has an understanding of his strength. Basketball players are much taller and stronger than the average person. What happens if he kills that guy or gives him brain damage when he slams his head into the concrete (not saying he did, but how far away was it?). I don’t care if the guy throws 50 beers at you, Artest could not claim self defense and he should go to jail. That is all hypothetical, but how far away was it? Could have happened. Even as an accident.

Now, where are we if Artest walks away? The fan probably gets thrown out of the arena and the game continues. Maybe not, but it is probable.

ESPN’s Top 50 MLB Free Agents

ESPN published its list of top 50 MLB free agents.

So, we get Beltran, Milton, Lieber, Hernandez and KLINE.

Red Sox get Pedro, Varitek and Vizquel (well, not anymore).

Works for me.

Vaccaro: Boss Making Big Mistake

Mike Vaccaro of the New York Post writes:

For seven years, he was the perfect villain. At first, when he was capable of dominance, he also received a healthy dose of respect from Yankees fans. But that was a long time ago. Lately, all he’s been is an easy object of derision.

You want to know why, George? Because he isn’t the same pitcher he used to be.

You want to know something else? Even if he was, it still wouldn’t be a wise idea to enter the courting process. It wouldn’t be worth inviting Pedro and his quirky, unpredictable personality into the Yankees clubhouse. His act wouldn’t work here, George. Those jags he goes on when he won’t speak to the press, when he won’t come to the ballpark on time, when he leaves the stadium early . . . all that stuff was tolerated in Boston. That’s who the Red Sox are.

It isn’t you, George. It isn’t your team. You’re going to ask Jorge Posada to bury the hatchet now, forgive and forget? Posada says he’d do it if he had to. Give him truth serum, George. Ask him what he feels then. Ask any of the Yankees who’ve seen Pedro’s act the past few years.

Bates Names A.J. Feeley Starter

Good call. No harm. May as well get him in there and let him get some work so we can make a more informed decision next year.