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Plaxico Burress and Edgerrin James to Miami?

Is it even possible? Who’s paying for this?

Palm Beach Post:

Agent Drew Rosenhaus, who soon will add Burress as a client, said on his weekly appearance on SportsXtra that he’ll try to get Burress to Miami, as well as Colts running back Edgerrin James.

I don’t know if what we have now, Burress, James, the number 2 pick and extending McMichael’s contract is even possible. Granted, we’d probably be trading Surtain.

It will be interesting to watch.

Article: Williams Knows He Can Take Nothing for Granted

A nice piece on Bernie at the New York Times:

Bernie Williams took the bus again Friday, his fourth trip out of six with the Yankees this spring. It is a lot to ask of Williams, the longest-tenured Yankee. But someone has to travel, and he does not mind.

“I’ve got nowhere else to be,” Williams said, smiling.

Torre called Williams the previous December, before the Yankees signed Lofton, as a courtesy. Williams predated Torre by five years with the Yankees, and Torre has always been fond of him.

“I never met Arthur Ashe, but he reminded me of Arthur Ashe, with the grace and ability and style and unflappable personality,” Torre said. “Then he became funny after that, with that side of himself. He makes fun of himself. That’s what makes him so charming.”

Williams will ride the bus with the minor leaguers and extra men, happy to be playing, happy to still be a Yankee.

Via Pro Sports Daily.

Jason Taylor Trade Rumors

I’d have to say that the recent Jason Taylor trade rumors are a tad disturbing. I don’t want to trade Patrick Surtain to begin with, but I really don’t want them to trade Jason Taylor. Even for Shaun Alexander. My mind hasn’t fully wrapped around the idea of the defense without Surtain, yet, but I really don’t want to think about the Dolphins without Taylor. One of my favorites on the team.

Via Pro Sports Daily.

Dolphins Sign Kevin Carter

Good news. I like it. Taylor and him make a very formidable duo.

Reggie Roby Passes Away

This isn’t really new (I’m delayed in posting about it – sorry), former Dolphins punter Reggie Roby passed away on 2/22.

Although I was young and it isn’t easy to remember, I know that I liked him. Always eemed like a good guy. I have only been to 1 Dolphins game and that was the 1992 (played in January 1993) AFC Division Playoff game against the Chargers, which the Dolphins won 31-0. I remember watching him warm up. That would be his final season with the Dolphins. He spent more years with the Dolphins than with any other team.

He was only 43.

Matsui the Great

Great and true article about Hideki Matsui.

“He stands for all you want to see in a player.”


I love the guy. Tough to think of a left fielder I’d rather have.

Lock Matsui Up. Now.

Like we should have locked Pettitte up in spring training, we should lock Matsui up in spring training.

He wants to come back. So, bring him back. For me, Matsui is pretty much everything you’d want. Dignified, intelligent, talented (he can hit and field), durable. I love the guy.

Via Pro Sports Daily.

Feng Shui on the Yankees

Feng Shui: The Chinese art or practice of positioning objects, especially graves, buildings, and furniture, based on a belief in patterns of yin and yang and the flow of chi that have positive and negative effects.

This applies to the Yankees, for me. When Posada is at catcher, Bernie is in center and, especially, Jeter is at short stop… something just feels right. Call it what you will, but I like it.

Wells Opens Mouth

Boomer sees Red on Yanks.

Let’s take a look here…

… “Brian told me, ‘We’d love to have you, but The Boss is looking in another direction and we’re going to go with youth.’ Then they turned around and signed Randy (Johnson). What part of that I didn’t get, I don’t know.

Cashman answered this well:

Cashman confirmed that he told Wells the Yanks wanted to get younger in their rotation, saying they backed that up by signing Carl Pavano and Jaret Wright as free agents. The Johnson deal was “a separate transaction,” Cashman said.

“He had a chance to be a Yankee last year and he chose to go to San Diego,” Cashman said of Wells.

“I’ve never had a good relationship with Joe, we’ve had a few run-ins, and Mel Stottlemyre, as well,” Wells added. “Mel’s probably the best pitching coach I’ve ever had, but when you have run-ins like that, it just leaves a sour taste. And who needs it? I can understand their point, and hopefully, they can understand mine.

Joe Torre is one of the most respected managers in baseball, I think most will agree. If you have a problem with Joe Torre, chances are you are the problem.

“He got thrown into a pretty good mix over there. He inherited a team just like I think Joe did when he became manager in ’96. They already had a good team there,” Wells said. “Joe’s a good manager, a great manager … and when you have that kind of atmosphere, winning becomes contagious.”

Speaking of that inherited team, Joe has been at it for 9 years. Wells was on the team for 4 of those years. Those teams? 1 WS win, 2 appearances. The other 5 years? 3 WS wins, 4 appearances. Coincidence? Probably, but I’m just saying…

Wells also said he’s “annoyed” that Rodriguez occasionally has referred to the Yankees as “we” when discussing their past championships.

“He was talking like he’d won three or four rings with them, when he hadn’t,” Wells said. “And that kind of disturbed me, because I would never put myself in that situation. … He shouldn’t put himself in that category. You gotta earn it.”

He can say we because he is part of the current “we”.

Wells also intimated he would have no emotional problem “protecting” his new teammates while pitching against his former ones this season, even if that might turn his longtime fans in New York against him.

“Last year, I probably had the best ovation I’ve ever had in my life,” Wells said of his return to New York with San Diego. “To get a two-three minute standing ovation, was awesome. … They don’t forget and that’s what’s so good about New York. They remember, and hopefully just because I’m putting on a Red Sox jersey, they don’t think I’m a traitor of any sort.”

I didn’t really like you when you were a Yankee, but … if you start hitting Yankees, those people who did like you may just start to turn…

Via Alex.

Verducci: “The House that ‘Roids Built”

In a brand new article,’s Tom Verducci calls Yankee Stadium, “The House that ‘Roids Built”.

I wonder if he meant it as bad as it sounds. As if to chalk up the Yankees success to steroids…