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AL Cy Young Award

The American League Cy Young Award winner will be announced in a couple of hours. Fingers crossed for Mo!

Clemens Wins 7th Cy Young

Roger Clemens has won his 7th Cy Young. Congrats Rocket. What a freaking career. It keeps getting better.

Oh yeah… don’t ever compare Pedro Martinez to Roger Clemens.

Dave Wannstedt Resigns

Well, Dave Wannstedt has resigned. I am listening to the press conference right now (live since it started) and it was bound to happen, I think. At the end of the season, if not now. Dave Wannstedt doesn’t seem like a bad guy, the players seem to like him and I appreciate his efforts.

But, it was something that was going to happen and it will be interesting to watch how this develops and who ends up as the Dolphins head coach after this year (Jim Bates has been named interim head coach).

Steve Kline Update

I have said before (here and several times at Alex’s blog) that the Yankees should sign Steve Kline right away.

So, some good news relating to that:

Peter Gammons:

The Yankees are expected to make quick, hard runs at Eric Milton and Steve Kline in an effort to get more left-handed, then work the market

Dan Graziano, The Star-Ledger:

They also plan to seek left-handed relief help, and their top target appears to be free-agent Steve Kline, who made 64 relief appearances for the Cardinals this year.

Dolphins Lose to Cardinals, 24-23

1 point. And Bill Gramatica missed a PAT. Or if Feeley had just thrown an INT and not an INT TD, we might have won. Tough game, tough season.

I think we should get Feeley in there. He has a strong(er than Jay Fielder, especially) arm, but he just lacks experience and the touch – which he needs experience to get. He seems to just sit back there and gun low rockets (he had a few passes tipped) and he needs to work on knowing when he throw it softer/loft it up a bit. We need to get him in there, get some experience and see what we’ve got for next year, if anything.

Mets Tap Randolph for Manager Job

I was just about to head to bed when I decided to check ESPN (who knows why?) and I saw that the Mets have named Willie Randolph manager.

I like Mr. Randolph. Congrats on the manager job.

Deion Sanders Album: Prime Time

Deion Sanders’ 1995 rap album “Prime Time” is available at for just $1.00 ($2.40 with shipping).

No Deion Sanders collection can be complete without it!!!

Nomar to Play Second?

Me and my friend Seamus were talking about this weeks ago. Today, I saw an article from the New York Daily News that throws the idea out there.

All-star shortstop Nomar Garciaparra has told friends he would be open to a position change to either second base or third, which could open the way for the Yankees to pursue the free agent as a second baseman.
The Yankees’ top offseason priority is improving their starting pitching, but if they signed Garciaparra to play second, they would have all of the famed “three shortstops” playing in the same infield – Garciaparra at second, Alex Rodriguez at third and Derek Jeter, who won his first Gold Glove yesterday, at short.

I am intrigued by it. Posada, Giambi, Garciaparra, Rodriguez, Jeter, Matsui, Beltran, Sheffield, Bernie would be a … pretty good lineup. I like the fact that Nomar has a good arm, as well. Hopefully it would be less wild from second. Interesting…

Jeter Wins First Gold Glove

Excellent – Jeter has won his first gold glove. I have always considered Jeter to be a good defender, so I am glad to see him get it.

Via Alex.

Keep Posada

From The Star Ledger:

Yanks may deal Posada for Johnson
Varitek could be the catcher

… the team has considered offering catcher Jorge Posada in a possible deal for Arizona Diamondbacks left-hander Randy Johnson or Oakland right-hander Tim Hudson.

To replace Posada, one of four Yankees who have been with the team continuously since Joe Torre took over as manager in 1996, the official said the team would look into acquiring Pittsburgh catcher Jason Kendall or — in a move that would give team owner George Steinbrenner a way of sticking it to the World Series champion Red Sox — try to sign Bsoton free-agent catcher Jason Varitek.

Ok, so we hypothetically could go from a team with mostly good guys to a team with two jerks like Pedro and Varitek? I never want to see The Masked Man in pinstripes. Never.

I like Posada, as well. Keep Posada. Forget Varitek. Forget Pedro. Please, Mr. Steinbrenner.