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Driving Test Tomorrow

I’m taking the driving test tomorrow. I’ve read the North Carolina Driver’s Handbook (once – I’m going to review a little tonight), watched a corny, corny DVD (so corny, it was funny – “screw it, that’s my parallel parking job” says goofus to the much older driving instructor sitting next to him) and driven around a bit. The fastest I’ve gone is probably a few MPH over 60. But, that was rare. I still don’t feel very comfortable and when it comes to parking, I’m just not there. I’ll have to get a little lucky to pass that portion.

People that my parents/brother know say the place that we will be taking the tests doesn’t have a speed limit over 25 MPH… so, that could be helpful. But, we’ll see if it’s true. Wish me luck.

Someone Got a Hold of My Credit Card Number…

So, I logged onto the Bank of America site to check something with my statement and I get a notice saying that my account isn’t available online and that I had to verify some recent transactions at a website or over the phone. Well, I tried to do the website, but my mother’s maiden name wasn’t matching up, so I called. Sure enough, someone had been using my credit card number.

They spent $577 at the Post Office, like $300 at Chip and Pepper (I’d never heard of them before this), like $250 at (again, never heard of them) and a couple other assorted transactions. Not that big a deal. I just have to get a new account number. But, $577 at the Post Office? That’s where you go when you steal someone’s credit card number? lol. Unless they were shipping away what they bought with my number already or something.

New Diddy Video: “Through the Pain (She Told Me): Dear Kim” Featuring Mario Winans

You know me, huge Diddy fan. I actually interviewed one of the Bad Boy acts, B5, this afternoon, which was a lot of fun. I’m a fan of Mario Winans, as well.

Anyway, he premiered a new video yesterday on BET’s 106 & Park and well, I like it a lot. I’m a fan, so I guess that’s expected, but even so, I like the video a lot. It’s below.

One cool thing about it is that it’s directed at Kim Porter, Diddy’s girlfriend that he recently split with and I got tipped off to that pretty early and was probably the first to report it. Not that it’s a huge deal. But, for fans, any details and exclusive information are always cool and I enjoy breaking stuff.

The Angry Video Game Nerd T-Shirt Suggestions

My brother and me are big fans of the Angry Video Game Nerd. When I’m a fan of something, I spend money on their merchandise, whether it be Homestar Runner, Ze Frank or something else. The Angry Video Game Nerd has a t-shirt (warning: vulgar) for sale through one of his partners. Suffice to say, it’s not something I can wear. I realize he curses – a lot. But, I would like to buy a shirt that has something funny he said that wasn’t vulgar. So, I sent ScrewAttack an e-mail a while back with some suggestions (see below). Unfortunately, I never heard back. Still, I hope they add some new t-shirts eventually. Ones that I can buy.


Me and my brother are big fans of the Angry Video Game Nerd and we’d love to support him by buying a couple of shirts, at the very least… however, while his choice of language is often times funny during the show… the front of the shirt is a little strong for us to wear. So, I wanted to suggest a shirt that could be worn anywhere. Perhaps instead of the F rating, there could be some sort of quoted text or spoken line from the show, a sort of inside joke. For example, maybe:

“You have completed a great game.”
“Bimmy and Jimmy?!”
“Bimmy isn’t even a real name!”
“Remember when Marty goes around throwing bowling balls at people?”
“What were they thinking?”
“Spiders! Punch ’em!”
“Is Freddy coming? He sure is!”

Or, failing that, how about a shirt with just the Angry Video Game Nerd logo on the front and nothing on the back? I guarantee that we’d buy at least 2 pairs and I definitely would think there are people in a similar boat to us… who’d like to buy an AVGN shirt, but who couldn’t really wear the one that’s up for sale now.



(Note: I didn’t mean to say “2 pairs”, just “a pair”. :))


Bloxorz is a cool flash game where you navigate a… well, a block… around a level trying to get it into a hole. Sounds pretty simple, but it’s well executed.

Via metamoota at SitePoint Forums.

Diddy Looking for Personal Assistant on YouTube

This is pretty cool.

It’ll be interesting to see if someone from YouTube is actually selected. I’d give it a go if I didn’t already run my own company. It’s not a job for the lazy, though. It’s definitely a job for the dedicated workaholic that realizes what being an assistant for someone like Diddy is going to be like. At the same time, it’d certainly be a job with perks, including making some incredible contacts, I’m sure.

After a Day of Using Airborne…

So, like I said yesterday, I took 3 doses of Airborne the first full day of being sick to see if I might happen to have some sort of great recovery (note: I was not expecting one… at the end of the day, it’s just liquid vitamins, I think). No such luck. I do feel better, but not great. So, it’s an improvement. Whether or not it’s related to Airborne or not, who knows. But, it doesn’t hurt. Like resting, drinking orange juice, eating chicken soup, etc.

I also had a vegetable soup last night that my mom put together that certainly must have helped (my parents are both sick, my little brother was sick last week – so far, my middle brother is the only one who has avoided it). I took 2 doses of Airborne today (I’ve decided to limit myself to 2) and I’ll be having chicken soup with a lot of garlic tonight. Hopefully, tomorrow morning, I’ll be operating somewhere closer to full capacity. :)

Pownce Invites

Thanks to Chris, I’ve got some invites to Pownce. If you’d like one, let me know.


Well, I’m sick today. Had a sore throat late last night, slept terribly and woke up and felt worse. I’m experimenting with Airborne. I’ve read online about people who have taken it and it has helped them to fight it off quickly, so I am taking it hard core today (taken it 3 times today… based on the once per 3 hours on the bottle, I will be able to get up to 5 today after doing some reading online, it looks like 3 in a day is the max as you can overdo some of these nutrients and cause some damage) and will see how I feel tomorrow. I’m still around and working though – the morning was rough but it’s been better as the day has gone on. I always say that you can tell that I am really, really sick if I don’t make it to my computer. :)

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