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Press 1 to Report an Explosion

So, I was working this morning when I heard a bang and the power goes out. The bang was far away, but loud enough for me to hear it, of course.

So, I called the power company. If you have a touch tone phone, please press 1. 1 pressed. To report an outage, press 1. 1 pressed. If your lights are out, press 1. 1 pressed. From the phone number, we’ve located an account. If you are calling from the location of the outage and the name on the account is O K E E F E, press 1. 1 pressed. The outage has been reported. If you’d like to report something else about the outage, press 3. I thought I’d tell them about the bang. Press 1 to report an explosion. They’ve thought of everything!!! 1 pressed. Your report has been filed. Good bye. Ah, automation.

Weird Al Hits TRL Countdown for the First Time

So, I was watching TRL the other day. Not something I usually do, but I was waiting for the new Diddy video “Tell Me” to premiere. And something kinda cool happened. Weird Al hit the countdown for the first time ever. Congrats to him. He was in at #10 with “White and Nerdy” which is a great video. Watch it below.

“I’m sorry I didn’t come across your little cable access show in Dubuque, Iowa. My cable box only goes up to 4,000.”

Classic (vulgar content).

Ingredients for Web 2.0 Success

Funny video.

It is clean up until when the camera turns away from him toward the guy in the back near the end of the video. Some vulgarities after that.

Via Varelse at SitePoint Forums.

Google AdSense Violation Spam

First time I’ve ever received one of these:


You probably have daughter/s, neighbors, sweet nieces
and nephews who are doing this stuff so why not try
helping me?

Actually the task is simple, it is just the usual stuff
done in the internet… browse… click…browse…
click… so on.

My daughter has tied up with Google to enhance the sites.
Please don’t fail to CLICK the ADS to better monitor the
She also wanted to know if the appearance of her
webpage is fine and pleasant to the eye and if the links
and ADS are working properly or bug/s need to be fixed.

These are the sites:







Though you might be interested in some of the programs
for your future reference as it is also informative.

Clicking the Site Map will also bring you to a new link
and new information that might interest you.

I may return favors for you someday!


Maria Sandra

For your comments and suggestions, just hit REPLY
with the subject COMMENTS and give me some inputs.

To better monitor the sites? You’ve gotta be freaking kidding me. All of the click here links are linked to different sites using An example of one. I reported them.

Don’t Leave Your Girl ‘Round Jeremy, True Player for Real…

Jeremy, the girlfriend stealing lamer.

Classic material.

(Quote from title paraphrased from One More Chance/Stay With Me (Remix) by The Notorious B.I.G. for those that didn’t know).

Bad Dudes

This is hilarious.

We have this game. Got it at a yard sale for a few bucks years ago. It’s something.


Neat little site that allows you to “destroy” the site of your choosing. So, for instance.

Via Robert Scoble.

BLOB something!

Man, that’s great.

Via Robert Scoble.



Via Cox & Forkum.