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Potential New Web Series with Ze Frank: “The Remnants”

I was on YouTube a few minutes ago and I saw a video mentioning a new project involving Ze Frank. It’s called “The Remnants” and it’s a web series that may be distributed by NBC, if they can get a sponsor on board. This is according to Chris Albrecht at NewTeeVee. Liz Gannes at NewTeeVee has more on it, as well.

John August wrote and directed it. On his blog, he posted two minutes from the trailer. Check it out:

I hope they receive the support as I’d definitely tune in.

New “Weird Al” Yankovic: “Whatever You Like”

“Weird Al” Yankovic has a new single out called “Whatever You Like.” It’s a parody of the #1 single of the same name by T.I. Listen to it below and check out a blog post from Al on it, as well.

volcano ITUNES zomba

“My Success in Scientology”

No, I’m not a Scientologist. But, Cuil seems to think that I am. Check out this search result (screen shot below).

iFroggy Network HQ is Looking Pretty Rough

I’ll just let the screenshot below of a Cuil search for “Patrick O’Keefe iFroggy” speak for itself. Click for the full version.

Thanks to Jared for pointing me in the right direction.

Jason Giambi Mustache Facts

The team (me, Seamus Molloy and James Varghese) got together and came up with the top 10 Jason Giambi Mustache facts. We had a lot of fun doing it and I think it turned out great.

Bo Jackson and Christian Okoye Running Wild on Tecmo Super Bowl

Wow, the clip below, of Bo Jackson running the defense ragged on Tecmo Super Bowl, an old NES game, is classic. I didn’t have Tecmo Super Bowl, I had Tecmo Bowl, the classic before the classic.

And now watch this clip of Christian Okoye:

I like how the defenders just bounce off him. What kind of game programming is that?! Jokes aside, it’s a great game that is funny in so many ways. I love the Atari 2600 and NES.

Via Digg.

Got a Call From “Domain Registration Support”

I keep all of my domain names at eNom. Well, I may have a few scattered around at any given time if I purchased them from another party and assumed ownership at their registrar – but, when it comes time to renew, they’ll all be transfered over to eNom. I keep my domain names organized and keep a print out of all names ordered by expiration date that I go through every month or so and renew the ones that need to be renewed. So, I’m completely on top of my domain names because, really, you have to be. This helps give me peace of mind which allows me to deal with any odd things that come up… like someone trying to take over registration. Which brings me to a phone call I received yesterday.

I answered the phone and was greeted by a woman, saying something about one of my domain names (she mentioned it by name). She was a little hard to understand, so I missed half of what she said. But, the gist was that they had important updates regarding my domain name that required a fax number so that they could send them to me. I didn’t catch her company on the first go, so I asked her who she worked for and she said “Domain Registration Support.” Riiiiiiiiiiigggghhhhttttt. I told her that my domain names are all taken care of and she said good bye.

I can only guess that the fax would have been paperwork to transfer my domain name to who knows where. Usually, these sorts of things come via regular mail or e-mail, but this is the first time I’ve ever received one over the phone.

It’s a Glorious Day

About a year ago, my perfect eBay feedback was rendered imperfect by a slimeball who relished giving me the short end of the stick.

But, it all works out. eBay has eliminated negative feedback for buyers and has recalculated feedback. I have my 100% back. Heh.

Facebook Ousts Birthday Spammer Jared

My (former?) friend Jared Smith was recently notified by Facebook that his wall post usage constituted spamming. You can read the whole story on his site.

I, for one, am shocked by this revelation. I considered Jared a close friend, but his reckless behavior in wishing his friends a “Happy Birthday” showed, to me, that he doesn’t care for those that are associated with him. He messed with thunder and now, he must pay the price.

I confronted Jared this evening:

Patrick says: Did you think of me?
Patrick says: Or the children?
Jared says: I want to apologize for actions I may or may not have made in the past.
Patrick says: I mean, you can’t just go throwing around “Happy Birthday’s” like candy or something.
Patrick says: Try not to be so reckless.
Jared says: I have apologized to my family, friends, and the fans, and I would like to move forward.

But, will it be so easy? I don’t think so. Here is how I see this playing out:

One Week Later

Facebook has commissioned former Senator George Mitchell to investigate the mass “Happy Birthday” spamming on their social network. “I’ll get to the bottom of this,” Mitchell pledged.

Seven Years, Eight Months Later

Microsoft’s Facebook unit released it’s Mitchell Report today. The damning evidence came in the way of logs of 57 “Happy Birthday” messages sent by Jared W. Smith of Charleston, South Carolina, over a span of 578 days. Smith’s former ISP, TrammellNet, claimed that Smith had marked the day of a friend’s birthday, in advance, 32 times on his web based calendar. This indicated a premeditated effort to wish those friends a Happy Birthday, clearly in violation of Facebook policy.

Two Days Later

Smith maintains his innocence. Smith’s attorney, Chromey Soften, claims that “the only thing Mr. Smith is guilty of, is caring too much for his fellow man. Justice will prevail.”

I Have a UPS Story

I placed an order with Sean John awhile back and was expecting it soon. I went to my P.O. box on Monday (not where it was going, as far as I knew) and found a card in my mailbox from UPS saying that the package had been shipped to the P.O. box so, of course, they could not deliver it. I could pick it up at the address on the card (around 40 minutes away from my home) or call the number for more info.

So, I called the number and it sounded to me like I had to pick it up or had no other options. So, I hung up the phone* and proceeded to play catch with it, with myself, as I often do. I have a portable phone and I throw it up and down and all that. So, anyway, after maybe a minute and a half of doing that, the phone makes a noise and I put my ear to the receive and I hear “Hello?” The guy didn’t sound super angry, but a little perturbed. Thinking I may have picked it up my accident when someone was calling, I asked who I was speaking with. “This is UPS.” Wow.

So, he explains that he was going to help me with my package and, after I apologize, I give him some info and he tells me they can deliver it to my house. I give him the address, he set it up. He was polite and professional. Before he hangs up, I apologize again “for not knowing how to hang up a telephone”. He laughs and we hang up. (Finally).

I thought that was pretty cool service from UPS, a company I already like thanks to my frequent shipments. I see my UPS guy more than I see most members of my family. I think it’s important to highlight not only bad customer service experiences, but good ones. So, good job UPS.

* – or so I thought.