Movies I Watched in June 2015 (and the First Half Numbers)

Movies I Watched in June 2015 (and the First Half Numbers)

I thought I had fallen behind when I posted the May numbers. That was nothing compared to now. Time to claw back. June marks the completion of the first half of 2015.

The Movies

11 movies in June brings me to a total of 63 movies in the first six months of the year or one movie every 2.87 days.


A family trip led to increased Blu-ray and DVD watching (the first DVD I’ve watched this year) and less reliance on streaming this month. Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig’s A Deadly Adoption had me watching a movie on Lifetime, as well.

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Media Device

My PlayStation 3 picked up the bulk of those Blu-ray movies while Dish Network is a new addition, thanks to my first TV movie of the year.

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Year Released

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Year to date:

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Since we’re at the halfway point, let’s also break this into decades:

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Each decade grows in number except for the 2000s, which are lagging behind the 1990s.


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Now, let’s look at these numbers as a percentage of the movies I’ve watched. For example: 44.4% of the movies I have watched are comedies.

  • Comedy: 44.4%
  • Action: 42.8%
  • Crime: 36.5%
  • Drama: 31.7%
  • Thriller: 25.3%
  • Adventure: 19%
  • Mystery: 7.9%
  • Sci-Fi: 7.9%
  • Biography: 6.3%
  • Horror: 6.3%
  • History: 4.7%
  • Animation: 3.1%
  • Music: 3.1%
  • Romance: 3.1%
  • Sport: 3.1%
  • Western: 3.1%
  • Family: 1.5%
  • Fantasy: 1.5%
  • War: 1.5%

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