Movies I Watched in March 2015 (Plus First Quarter Stats)

Movies I Watched in March 2015 (Plus First Quarter Stats)

March is long gone and, with it, the first quarter of 2015. I decided, at the start of the year, that I would track my moving watching habits for the year and various data points along with it. Not because anyone would care necessarily, but because I thought I personally might find it interesting.

Let’s jump into the numbers for March and then the first quarter totals.

The Movies

I watched 14 movies in March, topping my previous high of 13 in January. Here they are, in order:


Blu-ray (The Boondock Saints (Extended Director’s Cut) and Hulu Plus (Raw Deal) get on the board this month, for the first time.

[visualizer id=”3030″] 


[visualizer id=”3032″]

Media Device

[visualizer id=”3033″]


[visualizer id=”3034″]


This list has a bit of an anomaly on it. For one of the TV uses listed here, I streamed from my Fire HDX through my Fire TV Stick. I believe I was having trouble with Netflix on the stick, so I wirelessly streamed off the tablet. I am counting that movie with the Fire HDX as the media device and the TV as the screen.

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[visualizer id=”3036″]


For the first time this year, I watched a movie that I remembered seeing before (Johnny English Reborn). I have seen The Boondock Saints previously, but I hadn’t seen the Extended Director’s Cut. For that reason, even though it is essentially the same thing, I am counting it as a new movie.

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Year Released

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To break this down into decades: in the first quarter, I watched 1 movie from the 1960s, 2 movies from the 1970s, 3 movies from the 1980s, 8 movies from the 1990s, 4 movies from the 2000s and 20 movies from the 2010s.

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