February 2015 Posts

When You Abuse Vulnerable People in Your Care

It’s hard for me to think of anything that bothers me more than when someone abuses a person who is unable to speak for them self or won’t be believed. Especially when they have accepted a job where they are supposed to care for that person.

The video above is so disturbing (story). A 10 year old special needs student is verbally and physically abused by two teacher’s aides. One aide twists the student’s arm violently, tells him that there “isn’t enough Jesus to fix you” and – most shocking of all to me – strikes him directly in the face as the other aide restrains him.

Movies I Watched in January 2015

Movies I Watched in January 2015

I’ve decided to take an analytical look at the movies I watch in 2015. This means that I am not just keeping track of the movies, but how I watch them (services and technology), whether or not they were new to me, when they were released and what genres they were in.