March 2010 Posts

Encourage Experimentation in Business, Social Media and (Practically) Everything; or We Never Get Better

In general, I like to encourage experimentation in most things I’m associated with. I like to see people try something new, even if they find it wasn’t as good as what they had before. This is especially true in business and this whole online community and social media thing.

If no one dares to be different, nothing ever changes. Nothing ever gets better. Yes, by experimenting, there is a very good chance that you’ll be displeased with the results, but that’s better than the other way around: which is to never try anything new and to just stay where you are.

Music Video: “All The Way Turnt Up” by Roscoe Dash featuring Soulja Boy

A song that has really grabbed me is “All The Way Turnt Up” by Roscoe Dash featuring Soulja Boy. It’s been floating around for a while¬† and I’d hear it (such as when Willie Taylor of Day26 released his own spin on it) and thought it had a good sound, but never really went deeper.

Well, I happened across the music video for the newest version of the song with Soulja Boy and it definitely hooked me and I bought a copy on Amazon MP3 soon after. Check it out below.