October 2008 Posts

Book Coverage Update: Blog World Expo, Blogs.com, WebProNews and More!

Since it’s been a while since I did one of these, I have a lot of coverage to highlight.

I was asked by Blogs.com to come up with a list of my 10 favorite blogs. Understanding that I would have to leave a ton of people off, I sought out to pick 10 amazing blogs written by great people that I appreciate. I also wanted to have the selections showcase a wide array of my interests. You can check out the list on Blogs.com.

I recently attended Blog World Expo where I had a book signing and a pair of panels, titled “How to Deal With Trolls, Spammers & Sock Puppets” and “Avoiding Disaster: How Not to Use Social Media.”

The “Trolls” panel was covered by Miss604 and Gwen Bell, who wrote an incredibly nice comment about me. The “Disaster” panel was covered by Rich Brooks of flyte blog, Wendy Piersall of Sparkplugging, Social Studies Blog and Barbara Rozgonyi of Wired PR Works.

The panels were also mentioned by Michelle Evans of im.seeking.balance, Rick Beckr of Copywrite, Ink. in a comment on Chris Brogan’s blog and Mike Mueller. My attendance at the conference (and/or the book) was mentioned by Connie Bensen (the book was also mentioned by Jeff Chandler of PerfCast when he was interviewing Connie recently), Nicholas Chase of The Way To Success and Shai Coggins of Just Make Money Online.

I also met Lynn Terry of ClickNewz! and we talked for a while. She wrote about our meeting and conversation on her blog. While at Blog World Expo, I did video interviews with Abby Johnson of WebProNews and Jason Falls of Social Media Explorer TV. I’ve embedded both of these at the bottom of this post.

During and post-conference coverage aside, I was interviewed on the Blog World Expo podcast (along with Chris Alden, the Chairman and CEO of Six Apart), the E-Commerce Success Show with Scott Fox, Zane Safrit’s podcast, SocialMedialogy Conversations and New Media Pro.TV. I also did a text interview on the Blog World Expo blog.

“Managing Online Forums” received new reviews from eModeration, Shai Coggins of Just Make Money Online (Co-Founder and Vice President of Community at b5media), Travis Smith of Unvarnished (and Hop Studios), Liz Fuller of Business and Blogging, Heidi Miller of Talk It Up!, ONLINE magazine and Manny Hernandez, a Top 100 Amazon.com Reviewer, who also wrote about his review on Ning.

Jason Falls of Social Media Explorer highlighted the book in a discussion of Facebook group and brand page best practices, recommending it due to the coverage of user and content management issues.

Hoyt Mann of the Knowledge Management at the Information Technology Toolbox site wrote a nice feature on user guidelines, highlighting the book.

The phpBB Weekly podcast did a pair of segments on “Building a Successful Community,” inspired by the content of the book. They did so in their September 8 and October 5 episodes. It also received a mention on SuccessfoolTV.

It was highlighted in a press release put out by Circle of Seven Productions, a company specializing in book trailers and received a pair of mentions at vBulletin Setup, dealing with books about online communities and user guidelines.

I am overwhelmed by all of the interest and kind words. It’s truly appreciated. Thank you!

Upcoming Appearances on E-Commerce Success Show with Scott Fox and at Social Media Club Louisville Event

Friday, October 3, I’ll be appearing on the E-Commerce Success Show with Scott Fox live at 2 PM ET. Scott is the author of “Internet Riches,” which was published by AMACOM, the publisher of “Managing Online Forums.”

Later this month, on October 21, I’ll be appearing remotely by video at a Social Media Club Louisville event. It’ll be held at The Louisville Visual Art Association at the Water Tower in Louisville, Kentucky at 7 PM ET.

Thank you to Scott and Jason Falls for setting these two events up.