June 2008 Posts

“Since You’ve Been Gone” by Day26

Cool song, cool video. Produced by Bryan-Michael Cox and co-produced by Adonis and WYLDCARD.

New Reviews, Interviews and Mentions

I just thought that I would give a book coverage update, since it’s been a few weeks since I did my last one. I had interviews with Jeff Chandler on Performancing (part 1 and part 2) as well as the WordPress Weekly podcast. The WordPress Weekly interview garnered a mention by Lorelle VanFossen on the Blog Herald. I’m going to be coming back onto the podcast soon to talk more about the book.

Lefora, a free forum host, reviewed the book and interviewed me. I was interviewed by Tom Perkins on Fitness Business Radio. Midwest Book Review, Andy Staple and Ray Angel have reviews of the book, as well.

An excerpt of the book was adapted into a feature in the American Management Association’s Moving Ahead newsletter, which was highlighted by Jack Vinson.

There was a cool discussion of the book over at vBulletin Setup, a vBulletin support community. vBulletin Setup is planning a review of the book in the future, as well.

Martin Reed of Community Spark gave the book a quick mention in a post about the value of community features. Martin will be reviewing the book in the future, hopefully, and an interview is coming, as well. James Seligman mentioned that he’d be reviewing the book and interviewing me soon.

Finally, Twing, a community search engine, gave away 100 copies of the book at the recent Online Community Unconference 2008.

Thank you to everyone for the continued interest and support!

The Difference Between Digg and StumbleUpon (or Yesterday Was the Biggest Traffic Day in the History of This Blog)

Yesterday was the biggest traffic day in the history of this blog. Or, at least, since I started using StatCounter to track statistics in October of 2005. That goes for both pageviews and unique visitors.

Why? Because, as far as I can tell, Colin Temple Stumbled it. And then a couple of other people did it. But, I’m guessing that Colin’s individual stumble set it off. Thanks to him for the Stumble.

81.02% of unique visitors on this record setting day came from StumbleUpon directly. I appreciate the traffic, but I also have a larger point.

Theoretically, one person really set this off and then 5 other people Stumbled it later (myself included). Let’s compare this to my MySpace post last week. That post reached 56 Diggs. Yet, totaling two days worth of traffic (the day it was posted and the next day), Digg sent me about 30% of the traffic StumbleUpon did in 6 hours. And maybe half of that was within like 10 minutes of it being Stumbled.

And therein lies the power of StumbleUpon. It only takes one person, maybe two, to get you some decent traffic. Digg, meanwhile, it would have taken seemingly 150 or more people to get me the traffic that that Stumble brought me. This isn’t exactly a new point – I’ve seen others say it before – but I thought I would repeat and re-enforce it since I was Dugg and Stumbled within such a short period of time. Pretty interesting.

Rest in Peace, George Carlin

I got on the computer this morning, checked Twitter and immediately saw that George Carlin has passed away. Very sad. He’ll be missed.

Don’t Link Directly to Images

I’m noticing more and more people participating in an unfortunate trend. It’s always been around, but for whatever reason, I’m seeing it more and more. This is where people link directly to images on servers that they most likely don’t have permission to link to. I’m not talking about embedding images so that they display on the page (what would traditionally be known as bandwidth theft or hotlinking), I’m talking of a hyperlink to the image, like this.

Why is this bad? Because people place images on their website to bring people to said website or to enhance the website in some way, generally speaking (or, at least, that should be the presumption unless otherwise stated or indicated). When you link directly to the image, they don’t get a visitor, but they do have their bandwidth used, which costs money and/or resources.

What should you do instead? Link to the page with the image on it, not the image itself. If the image isn’t readily visible on said page, just tell people where to look. But, using people’s bandwidth by direct linking isn’t a cool thing to do.

(As I mentioned, this is with the exception of sites that specifically allow this – like many free file hosting services, for example).

New Competition at phpBBHacks.com for Hack and Style Authors (Great Prizes)

I just wanted to mention that we launched a great competition tonight at phpBBHacks.com. It’s called phpBBHacks.com phpBB 3 Hacks Idol and phpBBHacks.com phpBB 3 Styles Idol.

Basically, all new phpBB 3 hacks and styles from this point through the deadline on July 4, will be pitted one on one against one another until we have two winners – one hacks winner and one styles winner. What’s in it for them, you ask? Their choice of an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Asus Eee, Archos 605, iPod Touch or Amazon Kindle and a ton of other great prizes, provided by sponsors such as Chitika, W3 Markup and SitePoint.

So, if you can write a phpBB hack or create a phpBB style – please check it out! Should be a lot of fun.

MySpace Launching Redesign June 18 (All Mockups Included)

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I do a lot of (more professional) writing for other sites and, because of that, I’m in contact with a lot of PR or marketing people. So, I was sent some information about the new MySpace design by someone at MySpace and I don’t really have anywhere else to post it. Yet, I found it interesting. So, I thought I’d post it here. Techcrunch has a story on it but they didn’t post up all the mockups and details, so I thought I would.

On June 14, MySpace will be announcing a global redesign that will include some big UI changes to the site’s homepage, navigation, profile functions, search and the MySpaceTV video player. It’ll begin on June 18 with the new homepage being redesigned. The design itself has been in development since December 27.

Here’s the full details as well as mockups of the design:

MySpace navigation (logged in):

I’m on Twitter!

Looking at this blog, I don’t think I’ve ever out and out said that I am on Twitter. Well, I am and I use it on most days now. I like it a lot. So, if you’re on there and would like to follow me, please check it out. Thanks!

“Check Your Coat (Remix)” by O’Neal McKnight featuring Puff Daddy, Jermaine Dupri and Greg Nice

I’m really liking the Jermaine Dupri remix to O’Neal McKnight’s “Check Your Coat”. It also features Diddy, who says that Puff Daddy is back (I wrote about this at Bad Boy Blog) and Greg Nice. I’m guessing, guessing that the Puff Daddy call out is a way of saying he’s moving back more toward the style of music from his first two albums rather than his last one, though I’ve loved them all. Anyway, you can check out the remix on Diddy’s MySpace.

It’s also turned me onto the original, which I also like. It had a great video which was a part remake of “Back to the Future”, complete with Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown and the DeLorean. Watch it on YouTube.

Got a Call From “Domain Registration Support”

I keep all of my domain names at eNom. Well, I may have a few scattered around at any given time if I purchased them from another party and assumed ownership at their registrar – but, when it comes time to renew, they’ll all be transfered over to eNom. I keep my domain names organized and keep a print out of all names ordered by expiration date that I go through every month or so and renew the ones that need to be renewed. So, I’m completely on top of my domain names because, really, you have to be. This helps give me peace of mind which allows me to deal with any odd things that come up… like someone trying to take over registration. Which brings me to a phone call I received yesterday.

I answered the phone and was greeted by a woman, saying something about one of my domain names (she mentioned it by name). She was a little hard to understand, so I missed half of what she said. But, the gist was that they had important updates regarding my domain name that required a fax number so that they could send them to me. I didn’t catch her company on the first go, so I asked her who she worked for and she said “Domain Registration Support.” Riiiiiiiiiiigggghhhhttttt. I told her that my domain names are all taken care of and she said good bye.

I can only guess that the fax would have been paperwork to transfer my domain name to who knows where. Usually, these sorts of things come via regular mail or e-mail, but this is the first time I’ve ever received one over the phone.