April 2008 Posts

Interview with The Daily Advance Newspaper

I did an interview with The Daily Advance newspaper (Elizabeth City, NC) about the book, online communities, etc. Please check out ManagingCommunities.com for more on the story.

“Managing Online Forums” Now Available!

Back in January, I announced the upcoming release of my book, “Managing Online Forums”.

I am very proud to announce that the book is now available and can be purchased online at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com and other retailers. If you are in the United States, it is being stocked nationally at Barnes & Noble locations, as well. You can check stock status at the closest store to you on their website.

“Managing Online Forums” is appropriately titled: it is truly a forums management book, but with principles that can apply to other types of online communities, like blogs, as well. From creating the infrastructure of the community and setting and enforcing policies to dealing with troublemakers and managing staff. This isn’t a programming book or a software book, this is all about managing the actual forums.

Here is a look at the chapters featured in the book:

Chapter 1. Laying the Groundwork
Chapter 2. Developing Your Community
Chapter 3. Developing Guidelines
Chapter 4. Promoting Your Community
Chapter 5. Managing Your Staff
Chapter 6. Banning Users and Dealing with Chaos
Chapter 7. Creating a Good Environment
Chapter 8. Keeping It Interesting
Chapter 9. Making Money

It also features three helpful appendices at the end that include online resources, a glossary and blank, general templates that you can use as a basis for your own user guidelines, staff member guidelines, contact templates (pre-written messages for you and your staff to use when contacting members).

For more information on the book, including a full table of contents, advance praise, interviews and reviews, an excerpt, downloadable document templates, an example forums setup and more, please check out the book website.

If you are interested in reviewing the book, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you.

MicrosoftBlog.com is For Sale

Just in case anyone has any interest, I wanted to mention that I have put MicrosoftBlog.com up for sale at SitePoint.

“Managing Online Forums” is In Stock Coast to Coast!

I just wrote a post over at ManagingCommunities.com. Suffice to say, the book is in stock at pretty much every Barnes & Noble in the country, from what I can see. Very exciting, very humbling. Now, the hard part: will people buy it?! I’m hopeful and I appreciate everyone that does, as well as every bookseller who has it available.

Video: “Diamond Girl” by Ryan Leslie

Just released, here’s Ryan Leslie’s first music video: “Diamond Girl”.

GPD08: Good People Day 2008

Gary Vaynerchuk (who I am just kind of getting into now) came up with the idea of Good People Day 2008. Basically, the premise (explained in the video below), is to talk about good people. I like the idea, I’m all about positivity and, at times, I really dislike the negative stuff that so many people focus on.

So, who are my good people? I’ll go ahead and define this as people that I know, personally, that are great people and people I don’t know, but that do cool and awesome things that I enjoy. I wasn’t sure which direction to go in with this, at first, but I’m going with that. I’ve come up with a list (in no particular order) of people below, in addition to my family, of course. I’m sure I’m leaving plenty of people out (sorry about that). But, here we go:

Adam Polselli, the Angry Video Game Nerd (James Rolfe), Anthony Violante, the Ask A Ninja guys, Barats and Bereta, Blame Society Productions, Brad Kelly, Brandon Eley, Brandon Hardesty, Brandon Levan, Camp Jinx, Cesar Gonzalez, Chris Wodicka, Chrispian Burks, College Humor, Lee LeFever, Darren Rowse, David Askaripour, Derrick Comedy, Download Squad, Homestar Runner, James Fintel, Jared Smith, Jason Calacanis, Jeremy Wright, Jonathan Bailey, Josh Ulfers, Keith McLaughlin, Lifehacker, Ray Angel, Ryan Leslie, Stephan Segraves, Tanner Smith, Thomas Rutter, Zack Urlocker, Ze Frank, Jason Bean, Denzil Coleman, Diddy, James Dasher, Tris Hussey, Ethan Kwassman, Matthew McGough, Michael Singer, Tom Tollefson, Brian Walker, Danielle Williams, David Williams, Heidi Wilmott, James Varghese, Matthew Whiting, Nikita Warren, Ryan Zieno, Seamus Molloy, Eric Miller, Rusty Baird, Edwin Vaughan, Nicholas Morrison, Laurie Snow, Doug North, Tammy McBeth, Pat McQuinn, Scott Shepard, Greg Heinisch, Jeremy Rogers, Reuben Regier, Jay-Z, Will Smith, Kanye West, Grant Robertson, Jacquie Flynn, Erika Spelman, Jennifer Holder, Omar Al-Hajjar, Debbie Hammond, Whitney Hoffman, Matt Schweber, Kyle Hunt, Pete Murray, Brad Williams, Nasir Zubair, Neil Salkind, Dave Nekoukar, Aziz Nekoukar, Alex Belth, Sam Unruh, Scott Stubblefield, April Burba, Sarah Large, Ted Sindzinski, Georgina Laidlaw, Cynthia Mosher, Martin Reed, Jake McKee, Ramona Iftode and Andrew Tatum.

Thank you to all of you for being good people (or, at least, people doing things that I enjoy!). :)

Congrats James and Amy!

Congrats to my friend James Dasher and his wife, Amy, on the birth of their brand new daughter: Kathryn Joy Dasher. Big stuff!

Cripes, I’m getting old. My friends are married, are getting married… and having kids?!?

Brandon Hardesty Makes Front Page of USA Today Online

Congrats to Brandon Hardesty (who I wrote about in October of last year) on being featured on the homepage of USA Today online with this story.

The comments on the article are a disgrace of jealousy and short sightedness (is USA Today allowing their comment section to turn into Digg’s?) – but, anyway, great stuff.

Via ProductPlacer.

April Begins

April is here. The month of the book’s publication. After five years of development, in one form or another, it finally becomes widely available. It’s a big month and I have a lot of interviews and coverage lined up. I’ve been doing a ton of promotional work and I’m feeling pretty good about all of that right now. I’m hopeful that the book will be well received and I’m doing whatever I can to generate interest and bring the book to people.

I appreciate everyone who is supporting or has shown interest in the project. With your help, I’m confident that it will be a success.