January 2008 Posts

Winamp Playlist Update

The last time I posted an update on my Winamp playlist was back in September. I thought I’d post another one. To recap, I lost my Winamp playlist in March of 2007 and started rebuilding on March 5. Here’s where I was in September:

Done: 7,384 files, 924 folders, 25.7 GB.
Left: 9,101 files, 935 folders, 32.9 GB.

And here’s where I am now:

Done: 15,764 files, 1,835 folders, 55.9 GB.
Left: 2,037 files, 165 folders, 7.46 GB.

So, getting there. Looking at those numbers… overall, since September 3, I’ve added 1,316 files, 141 folders and 4.76 GB of music. So, I added a good chunk of what I now have left. :)

Five Things I Want in 2008

Here’s five things that I want in 2008. Not the five things I want most, just five random things that I want (outside of the obvious health and happiness for myself and everyone around me).

1. A car. I’m going to buy my first car this year. I’m looking at buying a used (3-4 years old max) Toyota.

2. A cell phone. After I get a car, I’m also planning on getting a cell phone, for obvious reasons.

3. More money. To pay for above two, as well as other things, I should start making more money. I need to consider how my network makes money and make adjustments to try to maximize that.

4. Flash for 64 bit browsers. I now run a 64 bit operating system (Vista Ultimate) and a 64 bit browser (IE7), but Adobe has not made a Flash plugin for 64 bit browsers, yet. The 32 bit version of IE7 doesn’t work well for me. It’s not a major annoyance for me to switch to it when I have to view something in Flash, but I’d rather it be seamless. So, hopefully Adobe does this in 2008.

5. To feel more on top of things. When you run your own business, it can be easy to feel like you’re never on top of things and I’m no exception. For a lot of 2007, it felt like I was running to get back on top of things, rather than being on top and staying there. I don’t want to feel that way.

Beanie Sigel Interview Audio

I just published the audio from my interview with Beanie Sigel over at Bad Boy Blog. It was cool to interview him as I’ve enjoyed some of his work and he’s been around for a while now.

On a related note, I’ve also posted the audio from my interviews with Cheri Dennis and B5.