Time for a New MP3 Player

Edit: Actually, after doing a little research, I was able to get my Zen Xtra to work. :) So, I guess I won’t need a new one. I was looking at an 80 GB Zune, but I’ll probably just hold off.

I think it’s time for a new .mp3 player. I have a 60 GB Creative Zen Xtra that seems to be lacking Vista compatibility. And I have a 2 GB iPod Nano that’s nice but… as it’s only 2 GB, it can’t handle my full playlist. I haven’t really started looking into it, yet. Price doesn’t really matter as there generally isn’t that much price variance, but I’m thinking I want at least 30 GB. I’m not sure how much I care about the screen. I haven’t really started looking into it, but I think that I’d like to make sure I have it by a week or so from now, so I thought I’d put a post up to see if anyone had any suggestions. Thanks.

Patrick O'Keefe

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Martin Reed

about 14 years ago

I purchased a second generation 80GB Microsoft Zune when I was in NYC this Christmas. I have to say, I absolutely love it although it will only sync with your music collection when you use the Zune software. Not too much of a big deal though, as you can just use the Zune software to put all your music on, then forget about it until you acquire new tracks - just a shame it wont sync with Media Player, though.



about 14 years ago

Thanks for the feedback. I think if I was buying one right now, that might be the way that I would go. They seem pretty cool.


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