Marc Orchant

Through Robert Scoble, I just heard that Marc Orchant has passed away. Sadly, I didn’t know the man. I knew him vaguely through others (blog posts, etc., like my friend Jeremy, who was a very good friend of Mr. Orchant’s).

Mr. Orchant has been in my Skype list for a very long time. I think we may have talked once, but I forget. Right now he is in the online section as offline with call forwarding. I have no idea how he was added to my list. I may have added him – he may have added me. Doesn’t matter. But, I was curious as to what contact we had had, so I searched my e-mail and I found this. I thought I’d share it as it’s the only record I can find of us talking.

Back when he was blogging for Weblogs, Inc. at their Microsoft blog, he linked to one of my sites, I thanked him in comments and received this e-mail:


After all the link love I’ve been getting from you – it was the least I could do ;^)


Knowing of him and knowing that he was podcasting for The Podcast Network, where I was about to start a podcast of my own, I replied with:


No worries. I’m heavy on the vias. lol

Nice to meet you (or get an e-mail from you, anyway). Always seeing your name popup at Jeremy’s blog. (Looking at your signature) I’m going to be doing a podcast for The Podcast Network (I hope, anyway… finishing up the pilot).

Anyway, thanks again,


He replied:

Excellent news – what will your podcast be about?

James and I scored an interview with the founder and CTO of Mindjet for The Tablet PC Show. We’ll be recording it tomorrow.

Jeremy is a great friend. He and I have been collaborating on some course development projects for nearly a year now and are planning on doing a book together next.

Nice to “meet” you as well. Stay in touch.


And I followed:


Thanks. It’ll be about internet community management (forums). Very nichey and not terribly cool, but there you go. Aiming for 30-45 minutes every 2 weeks. I hope for it to eventually consist of 3 things each show: me talking about at least a few community management issues, etc., an interview and listener questions. I’d like the last 2 to be the bulk, but we’ll see if I get any listener questions or not. I wanted to do a podcast (as I felt it’d be a fun thing for me to do) and managing communities is one of the few things that I felt I could really do one on. Now I’m just going through the stage where I hate my voice and am working around that. I talk too fast, so I’m slowing myself down a bit and all that good stuff. Cool on the interview.

Yeah, Jeremy is a good guy. He’s a friend of mine as well, going back to when we were both on the staff at SitePoint years ago. I knew about the course development stuff (from his blog), but the book is new to me (or maybe he mentioned it and I just didn’t associate it… I think he mentioned something about wanting to do a time management book or something). But, cool either way.



And that’s the only distinct conversation that I can recall us having (I actually received a Quechup invite from him in September :)). But, just from the conversation, I could tell he was a cool, nice guy. I’m sorry I didn’t take the opportunity to get to know him better, but that’s how things work out sometimes. At any rate, this is all very sad and my thoughts are definitely with his friends (like Jeremy) and his family.

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