September 2007 Posts

Metroid Prime 3 is Awesome

I’ve been playing Metroid Prime 3 as I get a chance. Awesome game. Anyone else playing it?

I’ll be on The Sports Docket Tomorrow (August 20)

I just wanted to mention that I’ll be on The Sports Docket tomorrow (August 20) night. The show starts at 8:00 PM ET and I should be joining in at 8:30 for a few minutes or so. If you have the chance, check it out.

“I Get Money (Forbes 1-2-3 Billion Dollar Remix)” Released; Download Here

A while back, I mentioned that a remix to 50 Cent’s “I Get Money” featuring Jay-Z and Diddy was going to be released. Well, it has been and you can download it at

The Shows are Back

The TV shows that I watch are finally returning to air. Last night, I watched the first one to return – Prison Break. This Sunday, we’ve got The Simpsons and Family Guy. Next Tuesday, House. And then the Tuesday after that, I think we’re going to give a couple of new shows a try – Cavemen and Carpoolers. We’ll see how those go. And, of course, the other show I watch – 24 – will return in January. Besides these shows, I watch hardly any TV at all. on in Poughkeepsie, NY Tomorrow Night

I’ll be on out of Poughkeepsie, NY tomorrow (Thursday) night. It’s the AM radio station (though it’s not available on AM at the moment – it would usually be 1630 AM) for Marist College. I’ll be on the “Sports Nation” program, hosted by Ryan Schneider and Dustin Aglietti, which runs from 9:00 PM – 11:00 PM ET. I’m supposed to be coming on at around 9:40 PM. I should only be on for 10 minutes or so. You can webcast the show from the station’s website (listen here). We’ll be discussing the upcoming Red Sox series. If you can listen in, please do. Thanks to them for having me.

My Workspace

Darren wrote a post sharing his workspace and inviting others to post theirs, so I thought I’d do that. I posted a picture of my desktop more than a year ago and not a whole lot on it has changed, though there are some differences. Here is what it looks like now:

My Workspace

Under the desk is the sub woofer for my speakers as well as my computer. I’ve described those previously. The 5 speakers are on the desk, behind my monitors. The volume control sits on my desk, to the left, under my headset, which is a Plantronics Audio 90. I also have a DSP-400, but I find the Audio 90 to be more comfortable and it doesn’t take over my computer like the DSP-400 does. The DSP-400 does perform better, though, as a microphone.

My LCDs are Dell 1907FPs. My wallpapers are the same as the last photo, except that, in the middle, Diddy replaces Homestar Runner. I have Winamp open on the left (still rebuilding that dang playlist) and Outlook Express open on the right.

At the base of the right monitor is my Keyspan remote. In front of that is a couple of CDs that I just bought that I have to rip (“Too Old For Me” promotional CD single by Jerome and “Love & Life” (with U.K. bonus tracks) by Mary J. Blige) with a calculator sitting on top of them. I prefer a calculator in my hand to one of my PC for whatever reason. Next to that is a glass (I drink lots of water) on top of a Coca-Cola coaster.

Next to that is my planner where I write various things that I need to get done and remember. Below that is a stack of paper on each side. This include things like a list of domains that I own, a ledger of all ad campaigns and expiration dates, a to do list and various plans I have written. Next to that is my wallet because I am always entering credit cards/credit card verification numbers into something, so I just keep it there, usually. I have the keyboard and mouse that came with my PC and the mouse sits on an mousepad.

Beyond the desk to my left is my new (bought in July) CanoScan CS8600F scanner. It sits on the sub woofer to my sound system. To the right is my file cabinet, which is pretty new (finally bought myself a real file cabinet after reading the Lifehacker book) and on top of it is an organizer with bills and checks to deposit as well as my Ion USB turntable.

Beyond the photo, my workspace is conveniently located, with my entertainment center to my immediate left and my bathroom to my immediate right. :)

I’ll Be on Sports Talk Live with Frankie the Sports Guy Tomorrow

I thought that I would mention that I’ll be on Sports Talk Live with Frankie the Sports Guy tomorrow, Saturday, September 8. The show is broadcast live online from 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM ET on BlogTalkRadio (listen here) and it will be rebroadcast from 6:00 PM ET to 7:00 PM ET on MVN Radio.

Other guests on the show will include Sensei John Kreese from and Mike Lindsley from Pinstripe Passion. The focus will be the Yankees, of course, but also our sites. So, if you get a chance, please listen in. Interview

I was featured in the first interview on a new site called It’s dedicated to interviewing entrepreneurs and business people. To view the interview, go here and enter iwith101 as your password. Thank you to Tom and for their interest.

Winamp Playlist Update

I posted a Winamp playlist update to show how far I’d come in rebuilding my Winamp playlist. It was an estimate (since there were some tracks that didn’t already do that were counted in the done figure). Since then, I’ve done a bit of traveling, making the process slower, but I am now at a point where I can give an exact figures update. Here they are:

Done: 7,384 files, 924 folders, 25.7 GB.
Left: 9,101 files, 935 folders, 32.9 GB.

In other words, since June 11, I’ve added 651 tracks, 146 folders and 3.1 GB. But, looking at it strictly from a progress perspective, I have chipped away 4.6 GB in all, during that time. So, getting there…

Fantasy Baseball Playoffs Time

This week marks the first week of playoffs in the 3 fantasy baseball leagues that I am in.

League One: Yankees Bloggers League

This is a league I put together consisting of New York Yankees bloggers. It includes bloggers from (my site), River Ave Blues, Pride of the Yankees,, Pinstripe Potentials and Pending Pinstripes. It’s a 10 team league with 6 playoff spots. I finished 5th. My team: