August 2007 Posts

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Finished (No Spoilers)

A couple days ago, I finished the final book of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. No spoilers here right now, but it was good book and a good end to the series. With anything like this, there is definitely a bit of sadness that it’s over, but everything must eventually come to an end, I guess.

One thing that surprised me is that I didn’t finish it until August, yet I didn’t have a single detail spoiled for me. I was pretty lucky not to have anyone post spoilers on any of the sites that I run or have to visit.

Driving Test #1: Failed

I took my driving test today and I failed. I didn’t even get to the driving portion of the test because I failed the written one, which was a little surprising. But, nonetheless, it happens. I’ll have a better chance next time, anyway.

There are 25 questions and you have to get 20 of them to pass. I got 18. :( Ouch. Like 4 of the questions I missed were things like “What happens if someone refuses a chemical test?” and “What percentage of highway deaths are caused by drunk drivers?” Penalties and statistics. I actually got most of the actual driving questions, but I missed a couple. 2 of them were a little tricky and the other one… I just missed. Only 1 test a day, but I can go back and test whenever. Not that big a deal. to Continue (For Now, at Least)!

As an update, the situation with SFX Baseball has been resolved. For now, at least. Hopefully, forever.

Driving Test Tomorrow

I’m taking the driving test tomorrow. I’ve read the North Carolina Driver’s Handbook (once – I’m going to review a little tonight), watched a corny, corny DVD (so corny, it was funny – “screw it, that’s my parallel parking job” says goofus to the much older driving instructor sitting next to him) and driven around a bit. The fastest I’ve gone is probably a few MPH over 60. But, that was rare. I still don’t feel very comfortable and when it comes to parking, I’m just not there. I’ll have to get a little lucky to pass that portion.

People that my parents/brother know say the place that we will be taking the tests doesn’t have a speed limit over 25 MPH… so, that could be helpful. But, we’ll see if it’s true. Wish me luck.