My Laptop CD-ROM Drive…

My laptop. It doesn’t do anything, really. I use a laptop for maybe 2 months of the year. And, during those 2 months, it’s not used like I would generally use my regular PC (i.e. all day). For the rest of the time, it sits on my chest and drawers, doing nothing. It doesn’t get kicked around, it doesn’t get moved around (much) … it just sits there for long periods of time.

So, when I needed to take it with me for a day trip a few weeks back, I booted it up and I had 3 things I wanted to do. Install Windows updates, install the new version of Windows Live OneCare that I bought (and uninstall the old one) and transfer my essential files over. Windows updates were easy enough. I go and uninstall the old version of OneCare. And then I pop in my CD to install the new version of OneCare and… you gotta be kidding me. It’s not working. So, not only does my laptop live a life of folly, but… it has the audacity to allow the CD-ROM to break on me during it’s period of dormancy. Argh. And I had already uninstalled OneCare. So, I had to go and install AVG. Which is OK, but I pay for OneCare, I want to use OneCare.

So, unless it works again miraculously… I’ve got a laptop with a dead CD-ROM drive. The laptop is nearing 3 years of age, but… like I said, it doesn’t get used much. Still, I imagine I’ll be upgrading. I’ll just deal with this for right now. I move data through a USB drive, anyway.

Patrick O'Keefe

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Brandon Eley

about 16 years ago

Man, you have bad luck when it comes to computers!



about 16 years ago

heh. I actually don't think my luck is THAT bad. But, maybe it is.


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