Driving Test Tomorrow

I’m taking the driving test tomorrow. I’ve read the North Carolina Driver’s Handbook (once – I’m going to review a little tonight), watched a corny, corny DVD (so corny, it was funny – “screw it, that’s my parallel parking job” says goofus to the much older driving instructor sitting next to him) and driven around a bit. The fastest I’ve gone is probably a few MPH over 60. But, that was rare. I still don’t feel very comfortable and when it comes to parking, I’m just not there. I’ll have to get a little lucky to pass that portion.

People that my parents/brother know say the place that we will be taking the tests doesn’t have a speed limit over 25 MPH… so, that could be helpful. But, we’ll see if it’s true. Wish me luck.

Patrick O'Keefe

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about 16 years ago

Good luck with it Patrick. I'm sure you'll do fine :-) Oh and don't worry if you fail. I failed mine 3 times ;-)


Brandon Eley

about 16 years ago

You'll do fine. I glossed over the book and still passed driving my dad's huge Cutlas Supreme when I got my license. Just stay calm and take it S-L-O-W... I don't think you'll ever hear an instructor say "speed up!" And regarding the parking... parallel parking is the hardest but it's not too bad, and the instructors usually guide you through it (mine did- I had never parallel parked before the test).



about 16 years ago

Thanks guys.


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