The Angry Video Game Nerd T-Shirt Suggestions

My brother and me are big fans of the Angry Video Game Nerd. When I’m a fan of something, I spend money on their merchandise, whether it be Homestar Runner, Ze Frank or something else. The Angry Video Game Nerd has a t-shirt (warning: vulgar) for sale through one of his partners. Suffice to say, it’s not something I can wear. I realize he curses – a lot. But, I would like to buy a shirt that has something funny he said that wasn’t vulgar. So, I sent ScrewAttack an e-mail a while back with some suggestions (see below). Unfortunately, I never heard back. Still, I hope they add some new t-shirts eventually. Ones that I can buy.


Me and my brother are big fans of the Angry Video Game Nerd and we’d love to support him by buying a couple of shirts, at the very least… however, while his choice of language is often times funny during the show… the front of the shirt is a little strong for us to wear. So, I wanted to suggest a shirt that could be worn anywhere. Perhaps instead of the F rating, there could be some sort of quoted text or spoken line from the show, a sort of inside joke. For example, maybe:

“You have completed a great game.”
“Bimmy and Jimmy?!”
“Bimmy isn’t even a real name!”
“Remember when Marty goes around throwing bowling balls at people?”
“What were they thinking?”
“Spiders! Punch ’em!”
“Is Freddy coming? He sure is!”

Or, failing that, how about a shirt with just the Angry Video Game Nerd logo on the front and nothing on the back? I guarantee that we’d buy at least 2 pairs and I definitely would think there are people in a similar boat to us… who’d like to buy an AVGN shirt, but who couldn’t really wear the one that’s up for sale now.



(Note: I didn’t mean to say “2 pairs”, just “a pair”. :))

Patrick O'Keefe

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