After a Day of Using Airborne…

So, like I said yesterday, I took 3 doses of Airborne the first full day of being sick to see if I might happen to have some sort of great recovery (note: I was not expecting one… at the end of the day, it’s just liquid vitamins, I think). No such luck. I do feel better, but not great. So, it’s an improvement. Whether or not it’s related to Airborne or not, who knows. But, it doesn’t hurt. Like resting, drinking orange juice, eating chicken soup, etc.

I also had a vegetable soup last night that my mom put together that certainly must have helped (my parents are both sick, my little brother was sick last week – so far, my middle brother is the only one who has avoided it). I took 2 doses of Airborne today (I’ve decided to limit myself to 2) and I’ll be having chicken soup with a lot of garlic tonight. Hopefully, tomorrow morning, I’ll be operating somewhere closer to full capacity. :)

Patrick O'Keefe

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about 13 years ago

It must be something with middle children because I am always the last one to get sick in my family, if I get sick at all. I've been using Airborne on occasion as well when I'm sick. I look at it pretty much the same way you do, can't really hurt to give it a try.



about 13 years ago

heh. Yeah, he just said a little while ago that he's getting a sore throat. So, maybe he's coming down with it (but, hopefully not).


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