I Guess I Can’t Cancel the Complaint Then…

Seeing as they want me to send the item back on my own dime and I am going through Discover, I thought I’d go ahead and cancel my PayPal claim. That brings up this message:

By clicking Cancel you agree that this complaint has been resolved to your satisfaction. Once this complaint has been cancelled, PayPal will stop investigating it and close the case.

Guess I won’t be able to cancel the complaint afterall. I’ll just be letting it automatically close on April 27, I guess. I haven’t heard a word from anyone since I filed the dispute with Discover.

Patrick O'Keefe

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about 14 years ago

Hello.I had same problem with Pay Pal,and it happened just yesterday.I bought a wrong item and filled a complaint resolution center from Pay PAL,which was solved through Ebay by the kind seller.I tried after to cancel the complaint with no success.Every time I try to cancel it,it says:That action is not valid.Please try again. In this case all one can do is wait I guess.


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