April 2007 Posts

Well, you know me and launch dates…

Next up to bat: BadBoyForums.com, launching on 05/06/07 (May 6, 2007).

3 Years Blogging

I’ve been blogging for 3 years now.

Update on Disputed Charge

Just an update. I just got off the phone with Discover. They issued me a permanent credit for the amount and the issue is closed. She explained to me that if it is under $10.00, they usually just issue a permanent credit where if it is above $10.00, they investigate it (or maybe they issue a temporary credit and investigate it, I forget which) and make a determination. So, I got my money back. Thanks Discover.

My PayPal and eBay accounts remain unaffected. It may be because Discover just refunded me and didn’t contact them. Who knows.

I’m sorry I am gonna have to leave them. I’m on an account with my Dad and I will be switching to accounts where I am on the account alone. I tried to get a Discover card on my own, but they won’t give me one. Maybe one day.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Trailer

A new Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix trailer has been released. Watch it below.

Definitely looking forward to it.

Via Adam.

I Guess I Can’t Cancel the Complaint Then…

Seeing as they want me to send the item back on my own dime and I am going through Discover, I thought I’d go ahead and cancel my PayPal claim. That brings up this message:

By clicking Cancel you agree that this complaint has been resolved to your satisfaction. Once this complaint has been cancelled, PayPal will stop investigating it and close the case.

Guess I won’t be able to cancel the complaint afterall. I’ll just be letting it automatically close on April 27, I guess. I haven’t heard a word from anyone since I filed the dispute with Discover.

Censor Block for WordPress?

I am looking for a plugin that will stop a comment from being entered if it includes a term and will tell the commenter that the comment cannot be posted because it contains X (whatever was blocked). I do not want to mark the comment as spam or to put it into moderation and I do not want the term to be changed to something else. I want them to know what the issue is so they can adjust their comment and try again.

Ideally, it would function exactly like the Censor Block hack for phpBB, but I could get away with functionality similar to the CommentCensor plugin for Nucleus CMS. Does anyone know if such a hack exists? If so, please leave a comment. I appreciate it. Thanks! :)

Disputed Through Discover

As an update, I disputed the charge through Discover. We’ll see what that means.

I’ve heard that it may cause me to lose my PayPal or eBay account, but I don’t know why they would do that over $3.50, given the amount of money that I have spent and received on PayPal, which is a lot. I’d be disappointed if they took that course of action. We shall see what happens. I’ll blog about it, of course. :)

My Perfect eBay Feedback is Gone, Thanks to a Seller that Hides Behind PayPal Policies to Perpetuate Fraud

Edit: I rewrote and cleaned this post up a bit, since a bit has changed.

A little bit ago, this was my eBay feedback:

Feedback Score: 335
Positive Feedback: 100%

Members who left a positive: 336
Members who left a negative: 0

All positive feedback received: 516

But, yeah, that has now changed.

A while back, I wanted a copy of the recent Blender issue with Biggie on the cover. I wanted one without an address printed on it. I found one. The listing even had a picture of the magazine. No address printed. No mention of the photo being altered, no mention that it is a stock photo.

So, I won the auction at $3.50 (with shipping). So, I receive it and I open it and… great, it has an address on it. So, I contacted the seller on March 31. No response. Contacted him on April 7. No response. Finally, I opened a claim with PayPal on like April 15. He responded finally, telling me to send it back. The only thing is that it wasn’t my mistake. If it is my mistake, I’ll gladly pay for return shipping. But, if it’s not – if I was mislead – then I shouldn’t have to.

So, he got rude, asked me if I was serious, told me I didn’t know what I was talking about and so on and so forth. So, it became clear that it was time to end communication with the seller – he doesn’t care about buyer satisfaction and he said so (see below). So, I said that I would have to escalate it to PayPal. I said: “Very well. I will escalate the claim now. Thank you.”. His response?

Very well. now you will pay for ship. and get bad feedback. 100% not no more. i don’t care about my feedback mr. every penny counts. lol

Nice guy. “100% not no more” – he was right about that because he gave me negative feedback. The comment? “.” Of course. People like this are, of course, what’s wrong with eBay, PayPal… and everything else on the internet. I don’t have perfect feedback anymore because of this idiot. I realize it’s just eBay feedback… but, it’s still annoying when you try to do everything right.

Anyway, I’m not one to be threatened or to bow out when I’m in the right, even over $3.50. Money’s money and I value mine. So, I escalated the claim to PayPal. Little did I know that PayPal policies favored the sellers in such a way where they could simply silence the dispute by selecting a (ratio button or drop down menu, I’m sure) option saying they’ll refund my money if I send the item back. Here is an exact quote:

The seller has offered to provide a full refund once you return the item in its original condition. Please send the item to the seller at the following address:


You are responsible for shipping and handling costs associated with returning the item. Once you ship the item, please provide us with an online tracking number by Apr. 27, 2007. This tracking number allows us to confirm that you shipped the item. Please understand that if you fail to provide this information, your case will automatically be closed.

We recommend that you ship the item using a service that can supply proof of shipment or a tracking number. Otherwise, you may need to rely on the seller to confirm if the item was received.

Shortly thereafter, an e-mail from that great fellow, the seller:

Subject: LOL

Message: ship it back.

Of course, I am not going to ship this guy anything. I’d have to pay the $2.55 plus tracking since he can’t be trusted. I imagine that’d push it even closer… perhaps over… the original $3.50 I paid. So, sending it back makes no sense. I’ll just cancel the claim, I guess, since that makes the most sense. This guy has effectively hidden behind PayPal policies to perpetuate fraud and I’ll be saying as much when I leave feedback for him.

I don’t know how I feel about a system that allows this guy to get away with this. As an eBay shareholder, it’s really concerning. Are there any eBay or PayPal bloggers out there?

Windows Keeps Re-Organizing My Music

Windows/Windows Media Player is giving me a great deal of frustration when it comes to the organization of my music (the My Music folder).

I like to have everything titled and organized neatly. In many cases, I have more than one version of the same thing. For example, I might have the U.S. version, Australian version, EU version and Japan version of the same album. I want to rip all 3 and have them all stay in their folders where I put them. For all 3 of these CDs, when WMP auto fills the album and song titles, it sees it as the same album. No problem, I go up and change the album title to “Album Title (Australian)” and rip it. It puts it into a folder titled “Album Title (Australian)” and we’re good to go.

But, then, a few days later, a couple weeks later, a few months later… I noticed that it has put all of the songs (or songs from 2 of the albums) into the same folder. It adds “(2)” to the end of the songs with duplicate names and so on and so forth. It’s happening so much that it’s driving me crazy. I presume it’s a WMP thing… but it could be a Windows thing. I’m not really sure.

Has anyone seen this and know the fix/the setting to make it stop happening while still taking advantage of the auto fill, etc.? I’d appreciate any input or assistance. :)

April Fools!

I wouldn’t really launch a site with a domain name like phpBB3M0ds.com. :) In advance, I appreciate everyone being a good sport. :)

We also released a partically nasty hack at phpBBHacks.com and launched the Buy a Belt feature at KarateForums.com.