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22 Month Old Playing Wii

This is pretty funny.

Via Ze Frank.

the show with zefrank Ends

So, the show with zefrank ended yesterday. Unfortunately, I didn’t watch it the whole time (I’ll probably go back and watch it all at some point), but I have been watching every episode for quite a while and I’m definitely a big fan of it and of Ze, so I was sorry to see it go. But, I look forward to seeing what he does next.

As I was thinking about the show, I was trying to pin point my favorite episodes. 2 came to mind right away. washington, ideas, brain crack and angry day. They are my favorites for different reasons. “brain crack” – a concept any entrepreneur would appreciate – was brilliant and “angry day” was hilarious. Me and my brother laughed so much watching that one.

Thanks for the show, Ze. And good luck.

Looking for Snacks

So, I get hungry during the day… usually while working. For this reason, I’ve been looking for some good snacks. They have to meet this criteria:

– Dry. I need something I can pick up and eat and not fool around with.
– Not greasy. I’m at a PC with a mouse and a keyboard all day. Enough said.
– Doesn’t need to be refrigerated. It’ll be stored down in my room, which is a floor down from the fridge.
– Won’t spoil or get stale in a short period of time. For this reason, fruit is kind of an issue.
– Not terrible for me. Doesn’t need to be health food… but, I don’t want to feel bad about eating a lot of it.
– Tastes good (a given, right?)

I am open to suggestions. After some consideration, I placed an order yesterday for some food from I ordered the following:

Emerald Nuts Wasabi Peanuts. I’ve never had these before, but I like wasabi/horse radish (see below) and peanuts are fine by me, so I think I will like it.

Tasty Joy Roasted Wasabi Green Peas. I’ve had these before. They look funny, but I like wasabi peas.

Sahale Snacks, Sing Buri Blend. Alright, now this is a complete leap. I don’t really know if I will like it. It sounds good, it looks like it fits the criteria above… but I am not sure. We’ll see.

Quaker Breakfast Bars, Apple Crisp. Looks like something I’ll like.

Robert’s American Gourmet Pirate’s Booty. Found this on, as well. Looked good, had good reviews… we’ll see.

So, that should hold me for a while. Hopefully it’s all good… I might blog the different things. I also got some Big League Chew, some Sour Punch Twists (awesome) and some Bawls Mints (never had them before). I like candy and eat candy, but obviously, it doesn’t do much for hunger and eating a lot of it is … bad. Anyway, again, if anyone has any suggestions for snacks that fit the above criteria, please feel free. :) Thanks.

Not My Winamp Playlist!

So, I opened Winamp this morning as I do every morning. After listening to music for a while, I went to play a specific track and I noticed that… wait a second… there is only 1,001 songs here and it stops at the letter L. I look at the playlist listing in Winamp and it says that it does, in fact, only have 1,001 songs.

After deciding not to jump off the roof… it appears that my playlist is in the toilet (if anyone has any solutions, please – please feel free). I’ve spent so much time building that playlist that it’s not funny. And it’s not something I back up because I’m not even sure how to or if it can be done without me manually exporting one once a day or something. I suppose I’ll look into it when my playlist is rebuilt.

Speaking of that… my music library is 13,657 files in 1,465 folders. 47.6 GB. I really dread re-building my list. So, yeah, this has kind of deflated my morning. It’s just my Winamp playlist, I know… but, it’s a big time pain when you listen to music as much as I do, which is everyday for hours a day, usually and you are as big a music fan as I am.

Argh. Couldn’t someone have just PM spammed at one of my sites or punched me in the gut or something?!

I LOVE Ask A Ninja, But…

this isn’t cool. I realize the post is two months old, but this is the first time I’ve had an opportunity to read it.

The Digg entry for it has over 2,000 diggs. That makes sense because it’s the typical, unfair “hate the corporation” stuff that so many people in the public latch onto in mob like mentality.

This has NOTHING to do with Net Neutrality and everything to do with privately owned websites managing their property as they see fit. No one – no one will tell me what video sites I have to allow to be embedded on my sites or what links I have to allow to be posted or anything of that nature. I block sites from being mentioned on the iFroggy Network from time to time. I do so at my discretion (with good reason, in my judgement) and that is my right.

The moment that someone tries to limit my rights as a website owner by invoking “Net Neutrality”… well… that’s the moment the world blows up… or something. To say that this is “gross” and somehow violates the “spirit” and “values” that the internet was “created under” is offensive to all website owners who value their rights.

Why has MySpace blocked Revver? To be honest, I don’t really care. That’s something that Revver needs to work out with MySpace, realizing that MySpace is perfectly operating within their rights. MySpace “pioneered” this? What?! Those credit taking thieves! :) They stole it from me and they dare take credit?! LOL. I’m pretty sure I was doing it before there was a MySpace. No credit for me, apparently.

Anyone who owns a website that fits into these three categories doesn’t really need any explanation to understand why blocking sites can be helpful:

– Allows instant posting of content.
– Is actively moderated with guidelines, rules or terms being enforced.
– Receives a decent amount of traffic.

But, for anyone who doesn’t understand why you might block a site, there can be any number of reasons. Why do you want a spam filter? Why do you use caller ID? Why do you call the police? Misuse of resources, violations to guidelines and terms, harassment, inappropriate activities on their part, etc. etc. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. If someone does something to you, you do not want your website to be used as a means of promoting their website. It doesn’t always fall under that category, but for me, it falls under it a lot.

Ask A Ninja was created because we were in control of where we posted the videos. That’s a big deal because if we’re forced to put them on MySpace video then FOX could take the episodes and make money off of them without paying Douglas or me anything. Which isn’t fair and takes away the incentive to create cool shows for you to watch.

This is bad. This is what some people will take from this: “MySpace is gonna make Ask A Ninja stop making videos!” That’s totally unfair. No one is forcing them to do anything. They have their choices to make and they have to weigh the pros and cons of any such decision. That’s life – personally and professionally. They value the right to upload their content to the site’s that they want… and they should. I value that right myself as a person who is constantly creating content. But, they cannot then turn around and try to infringe upon MySpace’s rights in such a way.

MySpace has a right to protect their interests as does Ask A Ninja “the company”. Freedom of speech is not, cannot and should not be permitted on any privately owned website.

Now, I have to say that I would not have any problem at all if they had simply come out and said “MySpace is blocking Revver videos from being embedded. This is why you cannot embed the Ask A Ninja videos on your MySpace. This is out of our control. If you are unhappy with this, please write MySpace at” It is still MySpace’s right, but MySpace is open to feedback, just as I am. But, the fact that they choose to talk about values, spirit, etc. in a way that is offensive to website owners, that they choose to act as if MySpace is doing something wrong and that they used verbage that will imply to some that MySpace is harming their ability to make videos… that is what I have a problem with. That is where they step into how I run my website and how I run my business and that is not a place where they have a right to be.

Like I said, I love Ask A Ninja. When I like something, I not only support it with my time, but with my money. And I have. So far, I’ve purchased two t-shirts and a DVD. And when people were giving them flak for having ads, I said that they should have ads and that anyone who supports the show should support them having ads. I say this to illustrate that I am not some kind of Ask A Ninja hater. I’m an AAN supporter and this is the first time I have anything moderately unkind to say. So, there you go.