January 2007 Posts

Problem With Camera Memory Card

This is a new one. I have a Canon Powershot A80. I have a 256 MB Viking memory card. It has worked great for a long time now. I took some great shots yesterday. I plugged it in today and let it download the photos. It had … 4?! I would say I had at least 40 photos in there. So, I thought maybe they got deleted by accident (I had let my brother play around with my camera… but the format card area isn’t exactly easy to get to). But, when I looked, the card said it was using like 243 MB or 248 MB. But, it doesn’t recognize the photos. Canon support can’t help. I have resigned myself to leaving the card alone and trying to run a recovery program when I get a chance. If anyone has any ideas, though, I’d be glad to hear them. :) Thanks.

Leaving The Podcast Network and Reflections on Podcasting

After careful consideration, I resigned as a host on The Podcast Network yesterday. This will be announced on my next show – my final show – which will be released tomorrow. I have an awesome interview with Jonathan Bailey, so I want to end it with that and end it strong.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but it was a decision that I felt had to be made. Cameron (Reilly, the guy behind The Podcast Network) has always been been nice to me and has been extremely supportive up until the last couple days. I sincerely appreciate that as well as the opportunity that he gave me and I hope that I gave them something of value, as well.

I hope that my listeners enjoyed the show and found value in it. At times, it was hard to come up with content and I did my best. Podcasting is work. Especially when your subject isn’t newsy, like mine wasn’t. You have to come up with content, you have to manufacture content. Nothing will apply to everyone, but I always hoped that each show had at least one morsel, one tidbit, for pretty much everyone, although I’m sure that wasn’t always the case.

But, podcasting has helped me in various ways. It’s helped me to speak more clearly, to get used to hearing my own voice and get used to other people hearing it, on a wider scale than 1 to 1, as well. It has allowed me to speak to a bunch of interesting people. It has undoubtably been a good thing and it’s been fun.

This doesn’t mean I am going to stop podcasting, just that I am leaving TPN. I am going to take a break from it for a bit and I might re-start the show in the future or I might not. Cameron was nice enough to give me the OK to both re-publish the shows without their branding and ads and to keep the show name. If I do bring it back, it will most likely be on the iFroggy Network, although I won’t 100% rule out going to another network, in the right situation.

Finally! 24: Season 6

Today is the day: Season 6 of 24 premiers tonight at 8:00 PM. Just in time, as well, as we just finished the Season 5 DVD yesterday. Between Season 5 ending and Season 6 starting, we watched all 5 DVDs (I had started watching half way through season 4 and my brother had started watching half way through season 5), including all bonus content. Can’t wait.

Jonathan Bailey

I haven’t known him long (I’ve exchanged some e-mails with him, read his blog for a while and he’ll be a guest on the next episode of The Community Admin Show), but I like Jonathan Bailey of PlagiarismToday a lot. In all of our correspondence, he’s struck me as a good guy and his blog is incredibly useful. He provides a great service to content creators online. I sent him a link to a search engine that I found was scraping my community’s content and this is the result. Not an embellished, exaggerated personal attack by an attention seeking loser, but a well reasoned, well written post by someone who obviously takes the responsibility of writing seriously. It’s very refreshing to see.

Yvonne De Carlo Dies

Yvonne De Carlo (best known as Lily Munster) has died. Rest in peace.

Comment on Blogs; Win Money

Well, not my blogs. *grumble* But, 451 Press’. Contest details here. The company is run by my buddy Chris, so that’s the reason for the plug. Anywho, they have a lot of blogs, so at least one (if not many more) is likely to interest you.

I read Watching House myself because of my work at DrGregHouse.com. My friend Brandon writes for MMO Gaming, as well.

Sprint Mobile Broadband

I am thinking of getting this. I don’t know if I’d say it’s likely, but I am thinking about it, for when I travel or I’m on the go. It’d be a considerable investment ($59.99 a month for 2 years or $79.99 a month for 1 year), but the hope would be that I would then be able to forego hotel internet services that range from $9.99 to $19.99 a night, usually. They seem to have a very good coverage area. Anyone used them or have alternate recommendations? Thanks.