December 2006 Posts’s Customers Vote

So, is doing a 4 week promotion called Customer’s Vote. Basically, they put 4 great deals up for a vote and they let visitors vote to see which one they offer. They offer a certain number of the winning item at the price mentioned and then they offer “runner up” deals on the other 3 items – basically, deals that are good but not as great as if that item had won.

The first week, the winner was an Xbox 360 basic system for $100. I tried to get it, getting there 10 minutes before and refreshing over and over again. At the time it was supposed to go up, it went unresponsive on me. Like 8-10 minutes later, it started working again and the deal was over. I didn’t get any of the runner up deals because I didn’t know they were offered, plus I didn’t want any of them.

This week, the winner was the Axion AXN6070A 7″ Portable DVD Player. Regularly up for sale at $99.99, the deal price was $25.00. I arrived 10 minutes early (edit: not late) again and waited to refresh until it got to be a few minutes away, refreshing every 30 seconds or so. Once it was time, I refreshed and waited 10-15 seconds and… the get deal button appeared! I clicked it, passed the captcha thingy and I got the deal. Not as great as an Xbox 360, but I’ll take it!

So, I’m happy. hehe