Blocked from Google? Keep Working on that Content!

I don’t know about you, but when I get blocked from Google, it’s because of things like purchasing an expired domain name and using it. I don’t try to cheat anybody and I don’t do anything devious. So, basically, I know I’ll be unblocked. I usually wait 3 months and if I am still not being listed, I e-mail a re-inclusion request to Google. This has never failed. It’s only happened 3 times. 2 of which was expiring domains and the 3rd time, I am not sure what happened. I think it might been because I had the site accessible for a few days, but then took it offline for a while. Not sure. But, all 3 times, my sites have been re-listed. So, my assumption is that you are not evil.

If that is the case, my point is that, during this time, don’t sit around wallowing in self pity. Keep improving that content because when Google finally adds you, you will probably reap the rewards of that content. I have a great example to show. Bad Boy Blog launched at the latter portion of March. Up until a couple days ago, it had not been listed in Google’s search results. I waited my 3 months and then e-mailed Google at the end of June or whatever. Second week of August, it’s listed. During that time, I treated it like any other site. I posted a ton, made contacts, visited daily, came up with cool features and unique ideas and I finally got to the point where I was doing about 350-400 pageviews per day without Google. Generating some AdSense revenue, as well.

So, what happened when it finally got listed? Here are the numbers (pageviews):

Date Pageviews
August 10th 2006 814
August 9th 2006 1,833
August 8th 2006 1,520
August 7th 2006 737
August 6th 2006 403
August 5th 2006 373
August 4th 2006 493
August 3rd 2006 402
August 2nd 2006 354
August 1st 2006 461
July 31st 2006 372
July 30th 2006 285
July 29th 2006 310
July 28th 2006 462
July 27th 2006 468
July 26th 2006 335
July 25th 2006 349
July 24th 2006 337
July 23rd 2006 321
July 22nd 2006 289
July 21st 2006 388
July 20th 2006 399

It was finally listed on August 7 and you can see the affect. 4x the traffic. Why? Because I’ve got good content. For Bad Boy news, there is really no better source and Bad Boy has had a couple of huge hits this year, so people are doing a lot of searches related to those as well as the Danity Kane album and, of course, Diddy is about as big as it gets.

Oh and my AdSense revenue has gone up comparatively. I’m very happy with it.

So, if Google blocks you and you haven’t done anything wrong, don’t get frustrated. Give it time and keep working and you’ll reap the rewards of good content production later.

Patrick O'Keefe

Managing online communities since 2000, I publish a collective of websites known as the iFroggy Network. I wrote the book Managing Online Forums and, as a public speaker, have presented for organizations like CNN, institutions like Australian National University and conferences like SXSW. More about me.

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