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I work in on the second floor in my bedroom in my parent’s house. I live in New England, so a majority of the time, the temperature in this room is fine. However, right now (and for a few months) out of the year, it gets very hot up here where it is uncomfortable to work. The outside temperature combined with the second floor combined with the computer and monitors running just makes it very warm. I have a strong fan, but… it’s just so hot. So, seeing as I spend so much time here and I have some money to spend on such a thing, I decided that I’d like to get some kind of air conditioner for this room.

At first, I considered window air conditioners. But, we have vinyl windows and all of that stuff seems rather awkward to me. So, I am looking at getting a good portable air conditioner (not one of those evaporative air “coolers”, etc., but a portable air conditioner. They are more expensive, but it seems like less of a hastle (just feed an exaust tube out the window with a window kit of some sort that seals off the open part of the window – no screwing into the window, etc., I don’t think? (still trying to figure it all out, lol)) and less potential to damage a house I don’t own. If anyone has any particular advice in this area, I’d be interested in hearing it.

I’m hoping to keep it under $400. Hard finding much in the way of reviews for these things.

Patrick O'Keefe

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about 17 years ago

You could put your computer in oil.... :D

Blame global warming.... :P



about 17 years ago

I think I found the one I want. :)


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