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Right now, when I record a show, this is what I do (basically):

– Record all of my solo audio in Audacity. My entire show is broken up into paragraphs that I read and stop at the end of each (and stop the recording).
– Import my interview(s) done with Skype, any ads/promos and the network intro.
– Line those all up and cut the mouse click sound from the end of all of the solo pieces. This involves lot of dragging, dropping and highlighting. I also listen to the entire show, making sure that it allow flows as it should (i.e., no awkward pauses, etc.).
– Export as a .wav. Open the .wav in Audacity.
– Use noise removal. Export as .wav. Open .wav in Wavepad.
– Use automatic gain control. Export as .wav. Open .wav in Audacity.
– Export as .mp3. Open .mp3 in Windows Media Player.
– Open Advanced Tag Editor and set the basic show related notes. Close all programs.

And I’m done. Honestly, this takes some time and it doesn’t even sound that great to me. So, I am thinking of getting some better software – investing a bit. Cameron (who runs TPN), recommended Adobe Audition. It looks like it would run me about $330. I am thinking about it and may very well do it, but I thought I’d throw up an entry asking for thoughts here first.

Patrick O'Keefe

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about 17 years ago

I work with both Audacity and Cool Edit Pro 2.0 all the time for my job. Cool Edit Pro 2.0 is one version down from Audition 1.5

My opinion is that Auacity is easier to use. By far. For example, I haven't figured out how to re-align tracks in Cool Edit Pro. I have to go into each individual wave and add and remove silence to make it work, or dump the portion and try it again.

Try the normalizer effect for Audacity and skip Wavepad



about 17 years ago

Thanks for the comment.


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