March 2006 Posts

Justice is Served

Well, I served my jury duty today. I was juror number 128. I think it went as high as 160. I got there at about 7:45 AM (had to be there at 8:00 AM) and sat in the room there for about 6 and 1/2 hours. They called people up to 105, I think, but they always sent more than was needed, etc. so many of those people just came back in the room and then got sent out again. Lunch was 1-2 PM, but at 12:30, one of the officers came up and said that everyone numbered 122 and below could go home. 123 had to stay as there was a case after lunch. So, 123 and up were allowed 1 and 1/2 hours of lunch. I just stayed in the other room (everyone else left except for one other guy), since I had packed a lunch. So, everyone came back and then at about 2:20, the officer came up and announced that we were all set and could go home. I alternated between watching TV (nothing I really wanted to watch) and reading the state drivers manual, except for the 20 minute instructional video and about another 15 minutes or so of a superior court judge speaking about jury duty. So, that’s my experience as a juror. :)

24 Last Night

Man, Pierce is a freaking genius. Wayne Palmer gets knocked out and like 7 or 8 bad guys are coming. Pierce fends them off a little, allowing himself enough time to pick up Palmer, throw him in a truck and go around to the other side, start it up and drive off. First the 5 kills with 5 bullets to protect the First Lady and the Russian President and his wife and now this. Talk about a clutch performer.

Going into the episode, having read the previews, I was thinking it might have been the end of Jack and Aubrey, really. But, Jack did his job and keep the relationship intact. Amazing.

Down With TrackBack, Up With Social Bookmarking and All That

Well, not really. The truth is, I like TrackBack. I’m just sick of the spam. No one sends me TrackBacks because I don’t get that much traffic. If I can figure a better way to integrate them in the future (a better Nucleus blacklist plus the ability to only receive e-mails when TrackBacks are actually posted on my blog), I may bring them back.

As you may have noticed, I’ve added links for digg, and so on and so forth on all of my blogs. I spent a few hours today surveying these sites, selecting the ones I wanted to display links to, making the images all the same size and all of that good stuff and then I integrated them. I think they look great. Heck, maybe one day something on one of my sites will get dugg. You see people now digging their own stuff and all that. Not me. If one of my sites gets on digg, it’ll be because someone who is not me dugg it.


Stephan, the prize winning machine has got me using Blingo. Basically, it’s Google search, but you can win prizes. I figure that I search on Google, anyway, so I may as well try to win something.

Well, it’s happened…

… I finally bought something on eBay that I already had. A CD single. I’ve done my best to avoid it (I keep a list of music I look for), but I forgot I had this exact CD single (I actually haven’t had it very long, probably just got busy and forgot), but it happened nonetheless. Embarrassing. :)

Bill Buchanan: Good Leader

I like Bill Buchanan. At first, last season, I didn’t. But, having watched him all this time, I really believe he is a great leader. He has great attributes and characteristics. And I think he’s a great CTU leader for Jack to be under. Of course, he’s a fictional character. But, hey.

That was quite an episode of 24 last night, especially the ending. Do you think Aubrey is really a mole? Seeing the preview of the next episode… the Jack/Aubrey thing may very well be over.

Don’t Take Pictures of People When They Make it Clear They Don’t Want You To

Stephan posted something on his Flickr that reminded me of something that happened when I was on vacation last.

I work a lot. I’m at home, so naturally I spend time with my family (my brothers) and I make time, as well, but this was a little different as I was on a cruise boat, no internet connection, just taking a real, total vacation. Don’t do that too often. So, it was a nice time, spend some extra time with my family, etc. Me and my middle brother played a lot of ping pong. :)

Anyway, we were playing ping pong this one time when this old lady (let’s say 60). comes up and asks if she can take a picture of us. Um. Anyway, I was very polite and I said “No, sorry.” She persisted, again “No, sorry.” She persisted. And I had to get a little frank with her. No. And she left. I should point out that this wasn’t a photo from a distance. This was up close. And I didn’t want anyone taking my photo or my (then) 16 year old brothers photo for whatever their purposes may have been. But, within 10 minutes or so, she snuck around and took the picture quickly as she was walking by. Nasty old woman. Now, let’s just say I’m “peeved.” She, quickly, walked away.

So, my reaction was to find an attendant quickly and report her before she got away. This is a cruise boat full of vacationers. I have a feeling they have some sort of policy covering some clown just taking pictures of people that they don’t know on the boat. Even if it’s a slap on the wrist. I walked around quickly and found no one. I finally talked to someone (later, I realized that he appeared to be off duty… I should have said I was sorry to bother him, but I was polite, as always). I explained it to him, but… she’s long gone by now. He said that it didn’t sound right and to talk to one of the people in blue pants or something like that. I had spent about 10 minutes on it and, at that point, I just forgot about it and went back to playing ping pong (although I was annoyed for a bit). I didn’t remember her face (besides “ugly old bat” and that’s not very descriptive), so what good would it do. I wish I would have had my camera (I might have… I forget now). Maybe I would have thought of taking a picture of her face and then I could show someone on staff.

Later I realized that I should have followed her. I would have certainly bumped into an attendent on that path and I wouldn’t have lost her. But, hindsight’s always 20/20. And, she only got my face, not my brothers. Not that it bothers me all that much, it’s … just not right, that’s all.

Suffice to say, it was selfish of her. Selfish of her to not consider the feelings and wishes of other people. Selfish of her to affect someone’s (me and my brother’s) enjoyment, if only for a short period of time. It’s not her boat, we’re all on there trying to have a good time. Recognize and respect. But, I suppose she’ll be dead soon enough and then she’ll have to answer for every nasty thing she’s done in her life. ;) (That’s harsh, I know. I’m kidding).

(lol… I realize that this may sound exceedingly harsh toward Stephan, but he’s my friend and in all seriousness, he just served to remind me of this story, that I wanted to pass on. Nothing’s directed at him).

Make the Most of Your Time While Launching New Sites: Create Sites Around Things You Already Do!

So, you want to launch more websites. But, you don’t know how you will have time to manage them. One idea: create sites around things that you already do. This makes those things part of your job.

For instance, you watch House religiously. Make that your job. Make watching House your job. Launch a House fan site.

You’re a huge Bad Boy Entertainment fan. You keep up to date on them and like writing about them. Why not start an unofficial fan blog?

Make things that you already do into websites. You’ll have more work, but it won’t be as much work and the work you have to do will seem easier.

The Community Admin Show #007

The latest episode is up. I really think it’s the best one, yet.

But, anyway, TPN is launching a new design throughout all of the shows and they just did my show a few days ago and I think it looks good, so… yeah. Wanted to mention it.

Bad Boy Blog Launches!

Yesterday (March 14), Bad Boy Blog launched.

Bad Boy Blog is an unofficial Diddy and Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment Group fan blog. As you know if you’ve been reading this blog very long, I’m a huge Diddy and Bad Boy fan. I really enjoy the music and I like staying up to date on them and even writing and talking about them. So, I had the idea for a blog, it seemed like fun and here we are. I designed the site and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I may still talk about Bad Boy here and there around here, but from now on, it’ll mostly be over at BBB.