Ion iTTUSB Turntable with USB Record

In my persuit of a way to rip vinyl records, I have found the Ion iTTUSB Turntable with USB Record. I’m considering it.

I was searching Google for some reviews and found this blog entry which led me to a good review.

From my comment over there:

Like you, I have no idea what to do here. I’ve never owned a record in my life, let alone played one. My mom used to say that when I was a baby, I would break the needles on my parents record player. That is the extent of my experience with them. :)

So, that’s why I’m looking at this. At the same time, I want good audio quality and it seems like, from what you said, this unit provides it.

If anyone has any thoughts, please feel free to post them. :)

Patrick O'Keefe

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about 16 years ago

It's a great idea in my mind: after all, think of all the incredible music that was made before the era of digital recording and distribution: getting that into a more up to date and portable format is a worthy cause indeed!



about 16 years ago

Cool. Thanks for the comment.


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