Upset City

Last week, I pulled off a major upset in a series of very big upsets in a fantasy football league I was in to take the league title. It was a 20 team head to head league and the top 8 teams make the playoffs. I finished 7th. I was 9-5 with 3,518.69 points. The top 3 teams were 13-1, 4,013.39; 12-2, 3,797.15 and 10-4, 3,635.56. I was pretty much happy to win the playoffs and I was fully expecting to lose the first round because the team I was playing was very good and had done much better than me. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t give it my best shot, of course.

So, as the 7th place team, I get to face the 2nd place team in the first round. Up to this point, that team had scored 271.22 points per week whereas I had scored 251.33. That may not seem like a lot, but a 20 point average over 14 weeks is a pretty big margin. I ended up winning by a good marin – 286.76 to 258.78. This was a pretty big upset. So, from this point on, it was all gravy, really. I had an overall solid week, with my top 5 performers being Amani Toomer (25.60), Dallas Clark (23.50), Jason Taylor (23.50), Ronald McKinnon (22.00) and Zach Thomas (21.00).

Meanwhile, the 3rd place team routed the 6th place team and would be my next opponent. Through this point, they had scored an average of 262.62 points per week as compared with my 253.69. Entering this game, I actually felt that I had a legit shot. It was 7 vs. 3, but it was a very close 7 vs. 3. I ended up pulling off another upset, this time by a closer margin – 254.78 to 240.21. My top 5 were Clinton Portis (35.49), Amani Toomer (29.67), Trent Green (21.03), Zach Thomas (20.00) and Roy Williams (19.40).

This setup the final match, me (7) vs. the number one guy. Now, this was just a total mismatch. This was kinda like the Colts this season when they were at their height vs. the Rams or the Lions. If I won this game, it’d be like the 1972 Dolphins losing in the Super Bowl to a team with a losing record, kinda. I mean, it would be that unlikely. The 1st place team had come off of back to back total blowouts in the playoffs. For the year, their record was 15-1 with an average of 291.20 points scored per week. Me: 11-5 with an average of 253.76 points per week. That is a huge margin. This team was dominating every single week. But, in any sport, in fantasy football… anything is possible. And so, I had a great week, winning 308.70 to 264.89. I was led by Antonio Bryant (43.70), Clinton Portis (34.43), Mewelde Moore (33.78), James Farrior (25.50) and Zach Thomas (23.50).

And so, I pulled off the biggest series of fantasy football upsets I’ve ever seen.

Patrick O'Keefe

Managing online communities since 2000, I publish a collective of websites known as the iFroggy Network. I wrote the book Managing Online Forums and, as a public speaker, have presented for organizations like CNN, institutions like Australian National University and conferences like SXSW. More about me.


Brandon Eley

about 14 years ago

Congrats - did you win anything?



about 14 years ago

Nothing besides the league. ;) Was a free Yahoo! league.



about 12 years ago

Nice tip!! Thanks a lot.


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