Diddy Gives The Lox Their Publishing

According to AllHipHop.com:

The Lox and Bad Boy mogul Sean ”Diddy” Combs have settled a music publishing dispute after a furious on-air clash that was broadcast on Hot 97 last month. …

“What he did was sweet. He came back [with his offer] and I almost jumped out my seat,” Styles P said to Angie Martinez. “Basically, he gave us all our publishing back. He didn’t have to do what he did. In the business world, what he did, was like a four-leaf clover. The results was great.”

You’re kidding me. After they get on the radio, make a big deal out of something that they themself did and are to blame for, made it out like he was getting more than he was getting, that he was not being fair, threatening his life (Jadakiss was and anyone can see that), etc. etc…. they come back with this?! You’re kidding me. “He didn’t have to do it.” LOL, what were you on the radio kicking up dust for? On the radio, they made it like he had to do it. Like he was a crook if he didn’t. Hilarious. In my opinion, they come out of this looking very, very bad.

I doubt he just gave it to them, but if he did… The Lox are the luckiest people on the face of the earth. I had one of my stocks go out of business – I don’t remember them giving me my money back.

By the way, check out Hot 97. The day they were bashing Diddy and Diddy responded, etc. they had the interviews up within like an hour or so, I think. Where’s the interview today where they make have come to an agreement? No where. Perfect example. Diddy was right (and it’s common sense): it is like WWF.

Patrick O'Keefe

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about 5 years ago

There was a radio segment where Diddy explained how he gave them their publishing. He mentioned how it was something unheard of to do. He referenced Michael Jackson owning the Beatles work. Problem is, I cannot find that clip anywhere. It's does exist though.


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