The Lox on Hot 97 Slamming Diddy

Here (D Block Announcement).

Quite a little event. Jadakiss sounded like he might have been drunk or something, talking about the double doors on a refrigerator. Nonetheless, The Lox stuff is old. Short story: Diddy owns half of their publishing for life (supposedly). Whenever they release a record, he gets paid – a lot. That’s the contract they signed. At the start of the interview, they said they were to blame first and foremost. Then their lawyers, then Diddy. Yet, they spent 99% of the show slamming Diddy. Why? Because that’s the angle to play with the public. They should have spent it telling everyone how stupid they were if it is such a bad deal.

They were signed to Bad Boy back in the mid 90s. They wanted out. They did the same stuff on the radio and Diddy let them out of their recording contract. But, he still owns their publishing. I like Jadakiss (as an artist), but I haven’t really bought any of his/their music since they left Bad Boy.

I’m surprised Diddy called in because he usually doesn’t bother with that stuff, which is generally a good thing. Nonetheless, it was interesting. Jadakiss was threatening Diddy’s life (in a vague way so he could say later that he wasn’t doing it, when even Styles said he was doing it), saying that no security could stop him from pushing a refrigerator off a building (onto Diddy). lol. Diddy said it: “All that throwing a refrigerator, you’re gonna kill – y’all ain’t killing nobody, man.” lol.

The thing is, Diddy may eventually release it or may not. If it’s me – after this event, forget The Lox. They can jump in a lake, unless I’m pressed to do it. They signed this contract. It’s not “wrong” for Diddy to honor the contract that they signed. It’s not being a thief, it’s not being a coward, it’s not any of that that they wanna push. They’re just saying this stuff to manipulate people’s natural, gullible emotions. A lot of people will jump on it and say that Diddy is doing wrong. And that’s one of the things that is wrong with the public. They are, generally, swayed too easily to be against the rich and the powerful. The Lox screwed up if they don’t like their deal NOW – they liked it enough to sign it 10 years ago. For them to do this publicity garbage to try to get Diddy to cave is immature nonsense. For them to throw around the names of artists who have left Diddy or had issues with their lives is out of line. For them to say that B.I.G.’s death was related to Diddy is out of line (I doubt they actually meant it like that).

Then, what do you know? Lil’ Cease calls up. After he’d been making comments about Diddy here and there and he then he wanted to be on the Duets album and he wants this and he wants that… so what? And Mase calls up. Who cares about Mase? I used to be a big, big fan – but now I’m done with him. I still like his Bad Boy music (and older) and his new music is fine just because I’ve always liked his music, etc. but after he left and then came back, did the clean music and then blamed Puff for it – that’s nonsense. He said he did that music because he had to do it. So, what’s that mean – it’s not real? I bought it – does that make me a sucker for buying his album? I’m done with Mase.

Some people will say “Diddy is so rich, why can’t he just let him have their publishing?” That’s crazy. There isn’t a point where you stop growing or stop trying to make more money in normal, appropriate ways – which is what this is. Hey, with that logic, why stop there? Why doesn’t Diddy just give everyone a million dollars until he has enough left to live for the rest of his life and then leave? Let’s put a limit on how much money you can make, while we’re at it. I have had a few (just a few), random, crazy people say things like “you’re selfish, look at all of those users you got.” Right. I built those userbases. And I want more. That’s only normal and healthy.

So, why do I feel this way? Because people pull this stuff on me. People criticize me online for this or that. People I’ve banned from my sites usually or people who have some sort of bogus reason for hating me. They lie, they manipulate and they manipulate people’s feelings toward people in a position of responsibility. They all jump in one after the other, just like today with Diddy. But, at the end of the day, who are these people? How legitimate is what they are saying? It’s not. They’re just trying to manipulate public opinion to put pressure on Diddy to right their wrong.

People like to say “what about this guy who used to be on staff at Patrick’s site – see how he left and they hate each other? Yeah, I was right – he really is an idiot.” Bull. That’s called life. I promote people to my staff and I make decisions. Sometimes they don’t work out. People change, people have a falling out. That happens, that’s a part of life. It’s easy for idiots to point to those things and say “see, he’s bad”. I’m no record industry expert, but I’d guess it’s the same for that industry. You sign artists and artists are people – with some people, one moment they love you and the next they hate you. That’s the way it works. I’ve had to get rid of popular staff members, I’ve had others leave after disagreements – I’ve banned the number one poster on my community before. Does that mean I’m wrong? Heck no. I’m not. I go through the same stuff (from the outside, looking on, of course) – that’s why I sympathize. It’s easy to get on the radio, get online and criticize someone as powerful as Diddy and have people agree with you. Nothing brave about it. It’s always easy to get on a medium and throw stones at someone like that. It’s easy for you to get online and criticize the administrator of a community, as well. Always easy to criticize the boss. And, hey, sometimes the boss deserves the criticism. But, don’t just fall for it. Just because he is the boss – that doesn’t make him evil.

Patrick O'Keefe

Managing online communities since 2000, I publish a collective of websites known as the iFroggy Network. I wrote the book Managing Online Forums and, as a public speaker, have presented for organizations like CNN, institutions like Australian National University and conferences like SXSW. More about me.



about 17 years ago

I don't listen to the music but I know Diddy has gotten a lot of artists started. They might not have every made it without him and Bad Boy, so 50% for life doesn't sound so bad. It's like getting VC funding to start a company. If you do, they own a major stake in that company forever... whether they're involved in the decision making process or not.

I think it's not only acceptable for him to stick to his guns, but it's the only smart thing to do. 50% of millions versus 100% of nothing - you do the math.



about 17 years ago

Yeah, that's a good point. Who knows where they would be without Diddy? Would they be out there? Probably so, but who knows? That's a good analogy on the VC.


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