September 2005 Posts Launches has launched. As opposed to my previous camera shop, which focused on a specific brand and had to be shut down, this one sells all brands of digital cameras and digital camera accessories.

Hurricane Katrina


As I am sure you are aware, our country is now dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. This has and will affect many, many people. There is a lot of work to be done and people that need to be helped. In line with this, I wanted to put out a call to the users of this site to donate money to the charity of your choosing, if you are so inclined. If you don’t know what charity to donate to, donate to the American Red Cross. has a list of charities, as well. Please feel free to use the comments section of this entry to recommend a charity.

Thank you for reading.

Using Your Users as a Threat

Let’s say there is a great cause that pretty much any sane person would support. It’s an urgent cause, in many ways. And most people have done certain things to support it. You see a person who has done some things for it through their website, but not quite enough for your personal liking. You’d like them to run ads here, ad links here on their own website. Would you use your users as a threat? i.e. post something to your users telling this person to do this or that or else – you’ll sick your users on them? Would you?

I wouldn’t.

“Many people say it is easy to be anonymous” on the Internet, he says. “It’s not true.”

I need this guy.

Working from Microsoft’s Paris office, Mr. Fifka gathers intelligence on suspects and tries to lure them into the real world where police can nab them. He often trawls the Internet for clues to the identities of digital villains, mining discussion forums in different languages. It helps that he speaks six languages, including Russian and Hungarian. “Many people say it is easy to be anonymous” on the Internet, he says. “It’s not true.”

Via Todd Bishop.

iFroggy Network Design Contest

Since the previous design contest elicited 0 entries – I have beefed up the prize package and posted it at SitePoint. check it out.