September 2005 Posts

Bumping Up AdSense: Has It Been Worth It?

I wrote about it and wrote about it and wrote about it and now that I am a ways in, I’ve been considered whether or not it has been worth it. I’m not exactly sure, but I think it has been, just barely.

The fact of the matter is that when you bump AdSense up in your chain – when it’s at the top of your chain – you serve little else. BURST!, FastClick, Casale, RIghtMedia and HDM are getting virtually nothing and, as such, they are making me virtually nothing (we’re talking all combined in the single digits – that type of nothing – nothing nothing). Am I making more now than I would if I had AdSense lower in the chain? As I said, I think so. Barely.

I was thinking that there may be a way to do both – in a way – to give AdSense it’s own spots, etc. But, there just isn’t that much real estate on my pages that I am comfortable with (without it taking away).

Fred Funk

Funk headed for the Skins Game:

“They called and told me I was in the Skins Game and I said, ‘Which Skins Game? The one over Thanksgiving?”’ Funk, 49, said last week at the Presidents Cup. “I said, ‘How the hell did I qualify for that?”’ …

The foursome for the Merrill Lynch Skins Game, to be played Nov. 26-27 at Trilogy Golf Club in La Quinta, Calif., will be rounded out by some usual suspects — defending champion Fred Couples, Tiger Woods and Annika Sorenstam, who will be playing for the third straight year. …

“Tiger came up to me the other day and said Annika is the fourth,” Funk said. “He said, ‘If she outdrives you once, you will never, ever, ever hear the end of it.”’



This seems like a pretty sweet deal!

VH1 Hip Hop Honors

Didn’t watch it last night, but caught some videos over at the site. Looked like a pretty cool event. Enjoyed the Biggie and LL Cool J tributes as well as the LL Cool J and Ice T perfrormances.

Don Adams Passes

Don Adams, the actor that played Maxwell Smart on Get Smart and was the voice behind the original cartoon version of Inspector Gadget has passed away. Rest in peace.

Via Jared.

Hold Ya Head by The Notorious B.I.G. featuring Bob Marley

Link over at AOL Music where it was released today (basically a surprise) and where it is exclusive for 24 hours from earlier today or whatever. Good stuff. Looking forward to the new album, going to be pre-ordering it, along with the new BR album.

Coming Soon: The Community Admin Show

A while back I decided that I would like to start podcasting. Basically, I thought it’d be fun. So, I did some thinking on what type of show I could do. I came up with one main idea, a show for community administrators. I decided that I didn’t want to do it as a part of my network, at this time. I felt it’d be fun to let someone else be in charge of all the stuff that comes along with that, with me being the one responsible for producing the podcast. So, I pitched it to The Podcast Network. They liked the idea and said to create a pilot (the first episode). I did. And they decided to go forward with the show. So, that’s cool. They’ll be setting me up on their server in the next week or two and then I’ll start publishing shows shortly thereafter.

The show will consist of the following:

– Me speaking about topics that I have experience with that effect community administrators. A lot of these topics will come from communities I visit, such as SitePoint and I’ll speak about the topic and how I handle it or would handle it, etc.
– Interviews. We’ll be interviewing people related to the field. A lot of the time this will be community administrators, bringing their perspective to the show and allowing people to learn from it. This will be a big part of the show.
– Listener questions. I hope to make listener questions a big part of the show. People looking for input and advice.

We may have a little bit of news/announcements here and there, as well. But, it won’t be all that much. Just if something catches my eye. I won’t be just doing any news, like the release of forum software, etc. That’s not what the show is for. Maybe the highlighting of specific resources, as well. We’ll see. It will be a bi-weekly show with each one being between 30 minutes and an hour (probably 30-45 minutes each).

Jared’s Back

My friend Jared is back. And the Internet missed him.

Jared is working on a book for Apress. He’s working on the phpBB section – he’s a former Support Team member.

Simpsons Playset for $5.29 on

Simpsons fans, check out this playset for $5.29 plus tax (includes shipping) at Seems like a nice deal.


“You are stuck on stupid.”


How long until there is a t-shirt available? Probably already is one.

Via Lone Star Times.