August 2005 Posts

iPod Vending Machine

Robert Scoble (yes, it took me 1 year, 3 months, 2 weeks and 4 days for me to mention his name on my blog ;) – and I will probably be doing it now as I am subscribed to his blog because of MB) has posted pictures of an iPod vending machine.

Pretty neat. Although I’m a Creative Zen Xtra user.

Ads Optimized

Well, I’ve optimized ads on my sites now. This amounted to the following:

– ValueClick out of the chain on the few sites that it was on. Their interface annoyed me. Specifically the way they served defaults. They forced you to give them only an image or redirect URL, which not all networks provide. A “rich media redirect” (or a link to an .html page) is the way to go. Or at least allow me to paste the code in, like Casale does.

– Bubs out of the chain on the one site it was on. Nothing they did really. They just didn’t have any ads for me. They told me this might be the case, but I wanted to give them a shot, anyway.

– Google AdSense bumped up in the chain. AdSense is now only behind Tribal Fusion (which I can only display on one site), so they will be getting a bunch more impressions.

– Google AdSense color adjustments. Basically, the blending in of ads. They all fit in now with the look of the site and fit in seamlessly (no borders).

– Addition of Hurricane Digital Media. I read good things about them over at the SitePoint Forums, so I decided to give them a shot as an end redirect on a number of sites (any sites that I have a decent amount of traffic coming to and that fell under the RightMedia traffic requirements).

– Addition of AdBrite. Only on, people can buy ads through AdBrite (the traffic numbers are off for the moment, give it a week). Going to give it a try.

– Integrating ads with phpBB and Nucleus CMS a bit (more on this later).

– Putting padding around the Google link ads that didn’t already have it.

Hopefully… hopefully… this leads to me earning substantially more while not infringing much on the user experience.

It’s 100 Degrees. In Massachusetts. On August 13.

Remember when I posted when it hit -1 degrees? Well, check it out:

Heat index is 109. Whatever that means.

Updated “Evolution” of the iFroggy Network

Updating a previous entry previous entry

I’m going to update some things I said before (some thanks to the Wayback Machine).

iFroggy Network: The earliest entry (from May 10, 2000 makes reference to the “iFroggy Network”, so I was wrong. We were actually the iFroggy Network before Late 2000. But, I know we weren’t the iFroggy Network for very long before then … we were simply So, I am going to say that that came to be sometime in the Spring (March, April, May) of 2000.

iFroggy Hosting: Given that the earliest entry is May 30, 2003, we can knock off the Summer 2003 and say Spring 2003, more specifically.

iFroggy Domains: On September 1, 2003, it is still “in development”. But, on October 26, 2003, so we can safely say the site launched in September or October. I took a look at the first e-mails I have for people registering domains and they are in September, so we can now deduce that it launched in September, probably around the 20th. The one thing I can’t figure out is why iFroggy Domains was in my e-mail signature in April… but the fact that it only seems to have appeared in 3 e-mail signatures before September (all in April), leads me to believe it was some sort of mistake. May 5, 2005 (05/05/05).

QuickZip: It still has to be December 2000/January 2001 as that is why I invited him. I can’t explain why this August 16, 2000 capture has them as being in the network as that makes no sense at all. Possibly the WBM used a newer network bar in that capture? No idea. April 23, 2005. July 7, 2005.

Canon Camera Shop: Out of the network due to issues with Canon. June 21, 2005. August 11, 2005.

So, in an approximate time line (earliest to latest), it’d be:

Fall 1998: iFroggy Design.
Spring 2000: iFroggy Network.
Late 2000/Early 2001:
December 2000/January 2001: QuickZip.
April 6, 2001:
May 21, 2001:
Spring 2003: iFroggy Hosting.
March 3, 2003:
September 2003: iFroggy Domains.
January 1, 2004:
January 28, 2004: DeveloperCube.
April 4, 2004:
November 20, 2004:
December 15, 2004:
December 21, 2004:
April 23, 2005:
May 5, 2005:
June 21, 2005:
July 7, 2005:
August 11, 2005:

Hmm… so for the last 6 months, I have launched 1 site in each month (including the now removed Canon Camera Shop, which launched in March)? The cool thing is I haven’t rushed anything. These are nice sites I’ve been launching. Cool. Launches, the latest iFroggy Network site (bringing us up to the magical number of 20) was launched yesterday, August 11, 2005.

I am really happy with how it turned out and I look forward to it becoming a successful part of the network.


Well, I’m sick (sore throat, some congestion). Not too bad, but not too enjoyable either. Hopefully it doesn’t get worse.

Good timing… I’m launching a new site today. :)

Congratulations Dan Marino

Congratulations to Dan Marino, my favorite football player of all time, on his enshrinement into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The greatest quarterback ever.

Great Picture

Nice one.

Update on communities that I manage…

Back in March, I reported on the size of all of my communities combined. I just did another tally today.

Posts: 577,600
Topics: 79,426
Users: 30,098

So, we’ve added 67,663 posts, 10,949 topics and 4,097 users in 132 days. That’s 512 new posts, 82 new topics and 31 new users per day.

Stopping Robots from Sending PMs and Making Posts on Your phpBBs

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