The Death Clock

According to The Death Clock, I have 2,279,276,804 seconds left to live. Honestly, that doesn’t seem like all that much. That puts me as dying on Saturday, November 20, 2077. 92 years old. 1 day short of my 93rd birthday. Blast!

Via Tanner (who I will be outliving).

Patrick O'Keefe

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about 16 years ago


It puts my sister dying on Jan 21, 2070.


Dennis Pallett

about 16 years ago

What mode did you use? Optimistic?



about 16 years ago

Yeah. I answered everything honestly. I took it to mean my outlook, but after a second read through, it appears that it means the outlook of the test.

Going with normal gives me 1,672,825,690 seconds. Monday, September 2, 2058. Which would make me 73. Bit of a difference.


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