May Try Being More AdSense Dependent

I was happy to meet (online) Darren Rowse yesterday. We talked for a little while and he was nice enough to take a look at my sites and give me some thoughts. Seeing as he makes more in two months with less traffic than I make in an entire year, I was certainly interested in what he had to say. :) This was spurred on by Chris who was telling me how great he was just the other day.

We had a nice chat… basically, from talking to him, I am thinking of giving AdSense more of a chance. Right now, it’s basically buried in defaults. It gets served (10s of thousands of times a day), but it would be served more and it could be higher up my chain. So, I am thinking of bumping it up above FastClick, BURST!, etc. (perhaps behind only Tribal Fusion on the one site of mine that they have accepted) and seeing how it goes. I am also going to make the ads have the colors that they are being displayed on as their background color (which I had already intended to try, anyway).

I’m not sure when I’ll do it, but I am going to be reexamining my ads again (even though I just did it not that long ago) and trying to put a focus on AdSense. We’ll see what happens.

Patrick O'Keefe

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Darren Rowse

about 18 years ago

Looking forward to seeing how it goes!


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