June 2005 Posts

I am Zeldman

You are Zeldman

The real question is… why can’t I be me? Or better yet, Chris.

Via Aeryn.

Stupidity from FT.com

Check this out. You’re not gonna believe this one.

Go to this article at FT.com (Financial Times). Look to the left menu under Partner sites. Now, right below “Investors Chronicle” use your mouse to highlight the white area.

See anything interesting?

Stupid and sad. Unfreakingbelievable. Also hilarious. This is not just some doofus putting up websites trying to get a PageRank to sell invisible links to make a few dollars (not that that is respectable – it’s not), this is the freaking FINANCIAL TIMES. FT.com has a Google PageRank of 8. They rank 979 in Alexa. (Yeah, yeah… I know. I used PR and Alexa as barometers. lol But, hey… they have meaning.). If I do that, I’m Google banned for what… 8 to life? I doubt they’ll get that. But, it is definitely a bit embarrassing. The person who made that decision has something coming.

Via Jeremy Zawodny.

I think I just got my first LinkedIn spam?!

I got invited to join someone’s LinkedIn network. The only thing is that I don’t have a single clue who the heck the guy is. The purpose of LinkedIn (as far as I am concerned) is to create a network of trusted professionals. If you just have people in your network to have them there, to beef up your “numbers” or to look important… you undermine the system and don’t do it justice.

The guy has nearly 7,000 connections (?). He looks like he’s done some interesting stuff, but that’s not the point… I wrote a polite reply just to clarify my reasoning behind rejection.


Edit: From LinkedIn: “We recommend that you only connect with professionals you know well and who you are generally willing to recommend to your other business contacts.”

I’m Looking for House Fans

Yes, the Fox show fan site that I mentioned in a previous entry will be dedicated to House. I’m excited about it. Development is virtually complete, save for some fine tuning and final touches. So, it is not far away from launching. I won’t tell you the name of the site just yet, though.

But, before I launch it… I am looking for some fellow House fans to help fill some roles on the site. These are:

News Poster

We need people to check for and post House related news via a very easy to use news script that we are using. Really as easy as running a couple of Google News searches once a day or two days and then posting a link to the news article with a short summary. When the show is running, you could post ratings the morning after, etc. There will be a set of guidelines to adhere to.

There is not much in the way of benefits besides something to add to your experience. You will also be given a profile where you could link to one site of your choice, if you’d like.


The site will have forums, so we’ll need moderators. Should be fairly easy at the start. As with the news poster job, there will be guidelines to adhere to and a protocol to follow for moderation.

Same benefits.

If you’d like to be both a news poster and a moderator (can’t see them being terribly time consuming for awhile), that is perfectly acceptable (and great!). ;)

… User

If you don’t want to take an official role with the site, but would like to help get the community started off on the right foot before launch (and as such, receive a special pre-launch look at the site), we could use that, as well.

Ultimately, I am confident that we’ll be able to draft excellent people from our community to fill these roles… when the community is established. Since it isn’t yet, I thought I’d put a call out here. If you are interested, please contact me at patrick@ifroggy.com or you can leave a comment here with your name and e-mail and I’ll get in contact with you.


More on TV Ratings

I was able to find some info at TVtracker.com.

Thought I’d pass it along.

Looking for Archived Nielsen TV Ratings

Anyone know where to find them? Just for the past 8 months. I did a quick search and came up with nothing. Looking for ratings and number of viewers.


Bits: Fox Flash, The News, Ad Networks

Can’t write enough about all of these subjects, so I’ll just lump them into one post. Ok, go!

Fox Flash

I am planning to create a fan site for a particular Fox show (you can probably guess what it is, but I will neither confirm nor deny any guesses and those that know won’t, either ;)). So, I submitted for approval to Fox Flash, which is Fox’s publicity site. Basically, it gives media people (including fan sites) access to pictures for them to use and so on and so forth. I actually submitted twice. Once a week or more ago that I didn’t hear back on (or didn’t get the e-mail) and then a few days ago… and I was rejected. :(

Oh well. I’m still going to proceed with my site… albeit a little differently. I’ll be posting here to see if anyone would like to be on the staff of the site, in time. So, keep an eye out for that.

The News

It seems I was a tad premature in announcing the news. Not that it’s not a done deal – it is. But, they (there is a hint – this isn’t something completely in my control or even something I have final discretion on) want to discuss the best ways to announce it so I’m holding off for now. But, I’ll post it as soon as it is prudent.

Ad Networks

I’ve just finished (well, a few days ago) redoing all of my ad network ads on all of my sites in an attempt to maximize revenue with the few ads that I do serve. I hope it does something. I am now serving ads for Tribal Fusion, BURST! Media, FastClick, Casale Media, Buds Media, ValueClick, Mamma Media Solutions, RightMedia and Google AdSense.

Edit: Well, maybe I could have wrote enough about them individually, eh?



Words cannot express.

I’m loving it.

For a person who works online, I think of myself as “behind” on things.

Thinking of Using a Feed Reader, etc.

Basically, I read all of the blogs to the left (under People, News, Blogs). This means that I open every one of those sites up once a day and check for new content. This can take a bit of time.

I’ve never actually used any feeds or had a feed reader, etc. But, I’m thinking that it would save me some time. Since virtually all of the blogs that I read have feeds of some sort available, I was thinking that it would be a good way for me to add 5-10 minutes to my day.

Anyone else do this? Any recommendations for readers? Again, I know nothing about it. Was thinking of giving Bloglines a try, actually.

Some big news coming soon…

You few that know… don’t give it away. :)

Edit: Is it actually “big”? I don’t know. Big to me. Worked on it over the past two years. I’ll let you decide, though.