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Blog or Webzine? Uh… what’s the difference?

Engadget, a blog nearly as popular as this one, recently secured an interview with Mr. Bill Gates.

This act lead to an article published by National Business Review. I’ll just talk about it on my webzine here.

Who decided that blogs don’t present a predictable return on investment? Blogs are websites. Websites track their traffic. From traffic, you get an idea of readership. If you would consider an interview from a website, you would consider an interview from a blog, since they are one in the same.

Who said bloggers can’t secure interviews with important, busy, influential people? Who said bloggers didn’t have as much credibility as anyone else who chooses to editorialize? Who said blogs aren’t media? They are. And if you are media and you are organized, guess what? You are a media organization. Funny, huh? Who said blogs can’t have strong resources and production values? Who decided that originally thought of having experts be the writers responsible for a content area that (get this) fits their expertise? I thought newspapers have been doing that since they came out. You mean the guy writing the stock report in my local newspaper really knows nothing about the stock market?! It’s possible and it happens, but more likely than not… he knows something.

Websites can be blogs – blogs ARE websites. Webzines can be blogs – blogs ARE webzines.

Who said blogs were unorganized, powerless, insignificant, poorly thought out journals?

I call a “product reviews site”, but… hey – for all intensive purposes – it’s a webzine! SitePoint? Webzine! This site? I think we have a webzine here, folks!

So when Microsoft’s PR managers granted that interview, it probably had little to do with the legitimacy of blogging and more to do with the audience it would reach.

And that audience, because of the way Engadget is built and promoted, includes an enormous share of all the internet content surfers interested in “gadgets” like the X-box.

Imagine that. Microsoft chooses to grant an interview of Bill Gates to a website that has an audience interested in their products. SHOCKING.

Doesn’t the fact that “Microsoft’s PR managers” decided that a blog/webzine had an audience worth reaching add to the legitmacy of blogging/running a webzine/posting unique articles on a website?

I think so.

Via Chrispian via Blog Herald.

Somebody stop me!

I bought 7 domain names yesterday (6 of them had forums in them) as I continue to accumulate… good names, man… they keep enticing me! That brings me up to 88 domain names.