What I’d Like For Nucleus

I really like Nucleus CMS. I’m running it on YanksBlog.com and here, of course. Another site utilizing it is currently in development and I can see myself using it more and more as time goes by. As phpBB is to my forums, Nucleus could very well develop into for my content sites.

I have found it to be more flexible than I thought it was and I’m enjoying working with it (partly thanks to Chris).

There is just one thing I’d like for it that would make me go nuts about it. Some basic phpBB integration. Every time you create a new item in Nucleus, I want a thread to be automatically started in your phpBB with a link to that entry. I want that new thread to have a link to the entry and I want the item in Nucleus to have a comment link to the thread. I want you to be able to select which forum it is posted in (even if its just typing in the forum ID number by hand) and be able to have a specific user (enter a phpBB username and password in Nucleus?) post the automatic threads. And that’s all. I don’t want phpBB users to be able to login to Nucleus. I don’t want phpBB users to have their profiles inside of Nucleus. I don’t want Nucleus users to be able to login to phpBB. I want them separate, yet together in this small way.

That would make me extremely happy. It would also bring loads of phpBB users to Nucleus because people do want something like this and there is just nothing like it in my experience.

It would be great.

Edit: I’ve also posted this at phpBBHacks.com.

Patrick O'Keefe

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about 16 years ago

It would be nice to have some basic hook into phpbb (or any forum, for that matter, but phpbb because that's what we use, lol). That's about the only thing I find lacking about it. Everything else I have to nit pick is really very minor stuff.


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