iFroggy Stamp?

Stamps.com has launched a vanity stamps service. Kind of neat, for sure, but definitely, definitely vanity (i.e.: very special occasions/not to be used often).

For instance, buying 25 sheets of those babies would be $324.75 where as buying 25 sheets of the same stamps (save the iFroggy guy) at the Post Office would be $185.00. :)

Via Lone Star Times.

Patrick O'Keefe

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about 15 years ago

That's kinda cool and you can get 1 sheet for $16.99. You could just do that and then when you send stuff use other stamps, but on pacakages that use more than one you could use one of the custom ones plus the others.

But I print my own labels so the custom stamps are over kill for me. Still. neat ;)



about 15 years ago

Yeah, I know. I was just thinking that if I was to buy them, it would make sense to buy them in bulk for the discount. But, if I bought one sheet, then it would be $16.99, as you said, vs. $7.40 from the Post Office.



about 15 years ago

I'd be curious to see what this does with collectors....


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