4/19/05: House

Big episode. The board holds a meeting where Voegler puts the motion forward to dismiss House. Everyone votes yes, except for Wilson (go Wilson). After this, Voegler asks Wilson to leave the room because he will now put the motion forth to dismiss Wilson. This motion passes 10-0.

The next day, the board holds another meeting and Voegler puts forth the motion to dismiss House once again (24 hours had to go by before the same motion can be retried) and everyone votes yes, except for Cuddy, who finally comes around and stands up to Voegler. She says that the board has a choice to make. If they vote yes because they feel Wilson, House and her deserve to go, fine. But, if they vote yes to keep Voegler’s money, then he is right (she mentioned that he thinks he owns them a moment earlier) – he does own them. Then it cuts away.

The next scene is Drs. House, Wilson, Foreman and Chase celebrating in House’s office and Cuddy comes in and House calls her the man of the hour. It is revealed that the board voted Voegler out, but Cuddy is disappointed in losing the 100 million as they could have done a lot with it.

But, anyway… for now, House stays. Good stuff.

A rerun will be shown next week. :(

Patrick O'Keefe

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