April 2005 Posts

Family Guy Site, Blog, Forums

I was just looking over the Family Guy site. Pretty cool. Downloaded a desktop wallpaper. They have a blog and forums as well.

Via Common Craft.

MLBlogs.com (Tommy Lasorda is blogging)

Tommy Lasorda is blogging at the new MLBlogs.com. He’s actually responding to comments, as well. And had his first idiot comment. It is a paid service and the result of a partnership between MLB and Six Apart.

Just found it interesting.

iFroggy Stamp?

Stamps.com has launched a vanity stamps service. Kind of neat, for sure, but definitely, definitely vanity (i.e.: very special occasions/not to be used often).

For instance, buying 25 sheets of those babies would be $324.75 where as buying 25 sheets of the same stamps (save the iFroggy guy) at the Post Office would be $185.00. :)

Via Lone Star Times.

Burglar Breaks Back in and Puts it All Back

Robber With Guilty Conscience Breaks In, Reinstalls Electronics.

And he fixed the door jam he broke in the first go around.

Via Lone Star Times.

Harry Potter Reenacted by The Sims

Thought this was interesting. The first fourteen chapters of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone reenacted with The Sims.

Via MuggleNet.com.

Blogging for One Year

Well, 555 entries later, I’ve been blogging for one year now. :) In this year, I hope I said 3-5 things that you found useful.

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Jeremy got me back into LinkedIn.

A long while back, Ray sent me an invite to the site and I accepted and set a few things up and forgot it.

Well, I got an invite from Jeremy yesterday and took another look at it. It’s kind of neat and I can see it having some use as far as contacts. It’s different from Orkut, Yahoo! 360, etc. as it’s targetted to business. I fired off a bunch of invites.

Check it out.

Lean Back (Remix) by Terror Squad featuring Mase, Eminem and Lil’ Jon

I had wanted to hear it (a while back), so I did a search and found that Vibe Magazine’s site had an audio link for it in full. For those who like that type of music… check it out.

All That 10th Anniversary Reunion Special

All That’s 10th Anniversary Reunion Special aired last night.

When I was younger, I watched that show (as well as Kenan and Kel) all the time. I’ve caught some the recent shows as well. Anyway, in addition to the current cast, many of the previous cast members were on the show and they did a few skits, reprising some old characters, etc. It was cool to see Kenan and Kel fighting giggles while they were working through skits, like they never left.

Good stuff.

Dolphins Use Top Pick on Brown

With 54 seconds left on the clock, the Dolphins selected Auburn running back Ronnie Brown. 6 feet, 233 pounds of (hopefully) great running back.

The Dolphins then picked DE Matt Roth in the second, ILB Channing Crowder in the third and CB Travis Daniels in the fourth. As I submit this, we’re X picks away from our fifth round selection. After that, we have only one pick left – in the 7th round (216 overall).

The Sporting News mock draft had our first three picks all being taken in the 1st round (2, 28 and 32) and the USA Today mock draft had the same thing (but 8, 23, 29).

All in all, the draft seems pretty good to me.