March 2005 Posts

My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss’ Final Two

Well, I just watched the second to last episode of the series…

Damian made a poor choice (in the last episode) in kicking David off for being “too honest” instead of Annette, who really appears to be a jerk. He got too caught up in Mr. Todd’s world of garbage and made his choice based on that. Honesty’s what you want. Consequentally, he was next to go.

So, we’re down to Mike and Annette. They don’t like each other, which works well for the show. I am rooting for Mike to win. It should be a good finish.

For those who don’t know, Fox released episodes 6 through 9 online only and they have been added each Friday. About an hour long, check them out, if you wanted to see the show (it got cancelled after 5 episodes). Fox made a good choice in releasing the episodes of the show as to not alienate fans.

House has to fire someone!?

What?! That stinks! I like all of their characters.

Maybe it won’t happen. Any guesses?

Fantasy Baseball Draft Results

Well, I had my two fantasy baseball league drafts on Saturday and Sunday. One league was for and another one was for a league that runs each year that I have been a part of for the last few.

The first one, the SF.n one, was 12 teams and 21 rounds. I had pick 2 (Albert Pujols). Positions are C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, Util, SP, SP, RP, RP, P, P, P and 5 bench spots. I ended up with:

C – Jorge Posada
1B – Albert Pujols
2B – Chase Utley
3B – David Wright
SS – Derek Jeter
OF – Hideki Matsui
OF – Sammy Sosa
OF – Bernie Williams
Util – Sean Casey
Bench – Jason Giambi
Bench – Luis Gonzalez
Bench – Aaron Boone

SP – Carl Pavano
SP – Mike Mussina
RP – Mariano Rivera
RP – Chad Cordero
P – Danys Baez
P – Andy Pettitte
P – Bartolo Colon
Bench – Kevin Brown
Bench – Orlando Hernandez

The second one was 20 teams, 25 rounds. I had pick 7 (Johan Santana). Positions are C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, CF, RF, OF, Util, SP, SP, RP, RP, P, P, P and 5 bench spots. I ended up with:

C – Jorge Posada
1B – Justin Morneau
2B – Chase Utley
3B – Dallas McPherson
SS – Derek Jeter
LF – Hideki Matsui
CF – Bernie Williams
RF – Wily Mo Pena
OF – Jayson Werth
Util – Adam LaRoche
Bench – Endy Chavez
Bench – Michael Cuddyer
Bench – Toby Hall
Bench – B.J. Upton

SP – Johan Santana
SP – Brad Radke
RP – Mariano Rivera
RP – Shingo Takatsu
P – Tanyon Sturtze
P – Andy Pettitte
P – Tom Glavine
Bench – Eric Milton
Bench – Carlos Silva
Bench – Kyle Lohse
Bench – Victor Santos

It’s GONE!

Well, the good video selection I was talking about… gone. The PD videos anyway. :(


Kain Cioffie

Kain Cioffie was a rapper signed to Bad Boy Entertainment. He appeared on a number of tracks, including:

Where’s Sean by PD featuring Big Azz Ko, Black Rob, Bristal, Kain, Loon and Mark Curry.
Let’s Get It (Remix) by PD featuring G. Dep, Black Rob, Kain, Loon and Mark Curry.
Lonely by PD featuring Kain, Kokane and Mark Curry.
This is Me (Remix) by Dream featuring PD and Kain.

He also has a mixtape out or something, of which I haven’t heard. I was looking forward to his Bad Boy release.

However, it appears as though he is off of Bad Boy, unfortunately. His official website is at, but it is only a coming soon page right now (with a verse).

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

A well named day it is.

The End of Jeremy’s Story

Jeremy has posted the end of his ordeal (the one I mentioned yesterday).

Quite an ignorant jerk he got.

Jeremy Meets Homeland Security

Jeremy has gone through quite an ordeal.

Like I said in a comment… I was very surprised reading it all. Very unfortunate.

I don’t envy their job and there are idiots in every profession, of course.

Not a huge surprise that it happened, just a surprise that it happened to a friend of mine, I guess. Rough interrogations, stripsearches and the like are acknowledged parts of the work of law enforcement (police, FBI, airport security, homeland, etc.). Good people get caught up in it sometimes, unfortunately.

But, he shouldn’t give up just yet… it looks like him and the media company are going in the right direction and hopefully it can still work out, so we can all hear his big news.

Leadership Not Always Synonymous with Friendship

Great post by Brandon.

“If you just set out to be liked, you would be prepared to compromise on anything at any time and you would achieve nothing.”

– Margaret Thatcher

Plaxico Burress and Edgerrin James to Miami?

Is it even possible? Who’s paying for this?

Palm Beach Post:

Agent Drew Rosenhaus, who soon will add Burress as a client, said on his weekly appearance on SportsXtra that he’ll try to get Burress to Miami, as well as Colts running back Edgerrin James.

I don’t know if what we have now, Burress, James, the number 2 pick and extending McMichael’s contract is even possible. Granted, we’d probably be trading Surtain.

It will be interesting to watch.