March 2005 Posts

Yankees Milestones to Watch For


Jason Giambi: needs 19 home runs for 300.
Derek Jeter: needs 17 doubles for 300 and seven RBI for 700.
Randy Johnson: needs 39 strikeouts to join Nolan Ryan and Roger Clemens as the only players with 4,200 all-time and four wins for 250.
Carl Pavano: needs 62.1 innings pitched for 1,000.
Jorge Posada: needs 90 hits for 1,000.
Paul Quantrill: needs nine appearances for 800.
Mariano Rivera: needs five saves to tie Rollie Fingers (341) for 7th all-time.
Alex Rodriguez: needs 19 homers for 400 and one HR as a shortstop to tie Cal Ripken Jr.’s record for most homers as a shortstop (345).
Gary Sheffield: needs 11 homers to tie Billy Williams (426) for 34th all-time and 14 doubles for 400.
Joe Torre: needs a 100-win season to become the first manager if history to lead his team to 100 wins for four straight years, breaking a tie with Bobby Cox (Atlanta, 1997-99), Connie Mack (Philadelphia 1929-31), Billy Southworth (St. Louis, 1942-44) and Earl Weaver (Baltimore, 1969-71).
Bernie Williams: needs 17 walks for 1,000.

Bolded the ones I find to be cool.

A-Rod getting 400 home runs… insane. He’ll turn 30 in July.

3/29/05 House

So, now we know officially that Voegler (spelling?) is a manipulative jerk. Chase is feeding him information, so now he’s tied to him. He’s approached Cameron and Foreman, as well. So, he’s talked to all 3 and is trying to manipulate them. House chooses Chase – Voegler says to choose someone else. House says no and Voegler says choose someone else or it’ll be the department.

During the episode, House also proposed that they all take a 17% pay cut and all stay for the same amount of money. But, Voegler says that that is not the point, that he needs to know that when he tells House to do something, House will do it and House needs to know that as well.

To cap it off, next weeks episode is a rerun. So, we’ll have to wait. No idea what’s next. Can’t even harbor a guess. is mine!

Years ago, in an Internet far far away, was available. One Patrick O’Keefe took this for granted. It was then registered by another Patrick O’Keefe (not the most unique name in the world). was also registered.

Zoom to the present. has expired, is available and I registered it. Excellent. No one is going to cybersquat on me when I’m famous, no sir!

I think I am going to stick with for my blog just because I’ve been using it and I like it.

What to do With Those Peeps?

Josh has some suggestions.

Bought Something on eBay for the First Time!

I bought a bunch of rare PD/Bad Boy CD singles, etc. today on eBay. First time I’ve ever picked anything up from there.

Claiming my feed at Feedster…

No Need to Click Here – I’m just claiming my feed at Feedster.


New York Daily News: Godzilla Star Like No Other

Check it out:

… the Yankees would like him to ink an extension, ensuring he’ll remain in pinstripes for the foreseeable future.

Matsui isn’t interested. Not because he wants to test free agency, not because he believes he’ll flourish on the open market, but simply because his original plan was to demonstrate his value over three years, and that is what he believes he should do.

The Yankees, of course, would prefer otherwise. Still, they understand that Matsui’s belief is genuine and not an indication he wants to leave them. In fact, Matsui has mentioned that, ideally, he’d like his career to have symmetry: Ten years playing for the Giants, followed by 10 years in the Bronx.

For those who question Matsui’s intentions, consider his farewell to Japan: In a lengthy press conference that essentially captivated a nation, Matsui tried to explain his decision to come to America and, almost tearfully, said he hoped he would not be considered a “traitor.” Despite being at peace with his choice, he was worried about being labeled wagamama, or selfish.

“It was a possibility that concerned me,” he says through an interpreter. When it was pointed out to him that those kinds of feelings aren’t common among American athletes who frequently embrace free agency and the ability to change teams, Matsui shrugged his shoulders and said simply, “It’s who I am and how I felt.”

“I just do what I feel is right,” he says. “I think that is the best way for me to be.”

He’s really everything you could want, as far as I am concerned.

Via Pro Sports Daily.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, folks.

I’m working on tidying up the blog, fixing up some nagging issues, etc. I’ll post about all of that when it’s done. Nothing too noticeable.

Communities that I manage…

I just (as I was visiting them) took a quick count of posts, topics and users of the communities I manage (administrate – the ones I own). Totals:

Posts: 509,937
Topics: 68,477
Users: 26,001

Not bad. Edging along…

Coca Cola with Lime

Just had Coca Cola with Lime for the first time last night. I have to say that I like it (I like Coke), it’s a little different, but really not that much. A hint of lime. So, not bad.