March 2005 Posts

Will Smith’s Diss Track, Mr. Niceguy

Listen to it at AOL Music. Videos > Videos A-Z > Smith, Will.

Good stuff:

Dissed by Eminem?
But, did it bother him?
Yep, but he classy…
Big Will just get another 20 mil
Walk right past E

Wendy Williams
You don’t know me
I’m not your punching bag
You won’t blow me up
Girl, better leave me alone
Before I buy your radio station and send you home

People dissing Will sat on a wall
People dissing Will had a great fall
All the kings horses and all the kinds men couldn’t put none of their careers together again

Diddy, the Web Developer

Taking the great “Don’t worry if I write rhymes, I write checks” line and applying it to web development, I get:

“Don’t worry if I write code, I write checks!”


Blog Face Lift

As this is my personal blog and not part of the iFroggy Network, maintenance of it often falls far down my list. But, a week or so ago, after seeing Trackback spam I didn’t know was there, I decided to get this place in ship shape again.

Here is what was accomplished:

– I have upgraded Nucleus CMS and the plugins in use, as needed.
– I have shrunk images that were messing up the design, come up with a maximum image size and a directory where my images from posts will be stored (yeah, I know… big deal, but I hadn’t done it).
– I have added an RSS 0.91 feed and had my feed listed on FeedBurner (which makes it available on My Yahoo!, NewsGator and others) and Bloglines.
– I have created profiles at Technorati, Blogwise and BlogStreet. Although, BlogStreet is really taking their time. :(
– My item pages now have better page titles, that include the title of the entry.
– I fixed my Trackback feature up. It works and works with my blacklist so that spam can’t get through (as much). I deleted all of the old spam.
– I have added an entries counter.
– I have updated my buttons! ;)
– Fixed other small things as I saw them.

So, we’re looking sharp. :)

Run This City by Clinton Sparks featuring P. Diddy and Miri Ben-Ari

Nice. This song is great. Free download on the Clinton Sparks site (look at the right menu). Some lyrics (split up, not the whole song):

[Screw] y’all
Wanna hate on the boss?
Scrape the Azure
Do petty [stuff] that a coward a do
Cop little toys, like I should be proud of you

I know [dudes] wanna see me shot
Leaned to the left
In the drop, holdin’ my chest
Wheezin’ for breath

[Screw] ya’ll
Y’all [dudes] don’t wanna see my fly
You killed Big!
Y’all [dudes] seen me cry
That ain’t enough?
Y’all wanna see me die?
What man say PD scared? He lie
Hate on me, cause I got the keys to the city
You wanna see me get notorious without Biggie
See me without the L.O.X., say I ain’t jiggy
See me without Mase, say I ain’t pretty

And I gave y’all the blueprints on how to ball
But, y’all [dudes] still pray for my downfall

Start-Up Sound

Funny video.

Via Jeremy.

(This is entry 500 folks!).

“Griffey Won’t Rule Out Being Yank”

From the New York Daily Times:

“To be honest I never thought I would hit 500 home runs, or even 400,” Griffey said. “The one person I wanted to be like was my dad, and he wasn’t a home run hitter. Numbers don’t mean anything. There’s only one number that means anything to me: how many championships do the Yankees have, 26? That’s the number. How many have I got?”

He pointed to his bare ring finger and said: “That’s all I want.”

It may be too late to mean much, but Griffey, who has a no-trade clause, says he would no longer be opposed to playing for the Yankees.

A few things. I’ve always liked Griffey. In his prime, it’s hard to think of anyone you’d rather have in CF in the history of the game. He was that good. I met him years ago when he was still in Seattle and at the height of his success/popularity. I got his autograph. He seemed like a nice enough guy, really and I’ve always remembered that.

I’ve always been interested in having him come to the Yankees and play left (when we had Bernie, O’Neill and … some other guy in the OF), not center – that’s Bernie’s spot and I’m loyal. But, if Bernie is gone next year… it might be cool. But, he’s got issues. He’s 36 next year (the age Bernie is this year) and, of course, the injury thing. Still, if no one jumps at us and Bernie is out, I would be interested in hearing about it.

Via Pro Sports Daily.

Yahoo! 360

Jeremy sent me an invite to Yahoo! 360. View my page.

It seems like an interesting enough thing. A feature I found funny was that you can list the places you live. Not funny on its own, but considering I have moved like 20 times… you got an hour? Still, maybe I should fill it out so that I can keep track because it is getting hard.

If you would like an invite, drop me a comment or e-mail.

Music Videos:

Just found a good site for music videos: Check it out.

IT HIT 60!!!

CHOAS! What is this craziness? I AM DYING FROM THE HEAT.


First time it’s hit 50 since LAST YEAR, I think.