February 2005 Posts

iFroggy Network: Best Traffic Month Ever

January 2005 was the best iFroggy Network traffic month ever as we cracked 2.4 million pageviews for the first time.


Windows XP Reduced Media Edition

Take a read…

Although the article writer is clearly no pleased, I find it funny… good stuff.

Via Jared at jaredwsmith.com forums.

Bye Digie

One of our cats passed away. The one on the left. She was 12 (almost 13), but vets had previously said that she could have been older because she was just left, etc. no birth date documentation. Had her longer than we’ve had any pet. She was a great one.

Bye Digie.

Uh… what?!

Aborted fetus figurines sold in Sweden.

My mouth was hanging open while I was reading that.

Dan the Man Enters the Hall

Dan Marino is going to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on August 7.


Trackbacks Enabled Again

They’re back. Hopefully the blacklist integration works. :)

Thanks Chris and Moe. :)

27 Points of Articulation, eh?

My little brother got a Spider-man action figure. It is fairly detailed… pretty nice looking. I was looking at the box and noticed that one of the main and featured selling points was that it had “27 points of articulation”.

What kid says “Hey, I want this – it has 27 points of articulation!!!” Not an insult to anyone’s intelligence, but it isn’t exactly a word that is used with any great frequency. Why not 27 moving parts? Articulation is kind of a strange word to place on a toy like this.

Ramiro Back in Pinstripes?

I always liked him and was disappointed to see him go. Cash has confirmed that negotiations are taking place.

The real question is where in the world he would fit in. I love depth though, so if he wants to be in the minors or whatever and wait until a guy or two gets injured, that’s fine with me.

Via Pro Sports Daily.

TrackBacks Temporarily Disabled

I noticed my first cases of TrackBack spam today. So, I cleaned it up and disabled it until I can find a suitable blacklisting solution.

I posted over at Nucleus Support and look forward to a response.


pwned is a stupid “word” used by stupid people. In my experience.